Best Castlevania Game For 2d And 3d Rendering

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Konami’s Castlevania is one of the most popular games in this day and age. It is also one of the most iconic games of all time, given that it sold over 20 million copies by 2006.

It is still as famous as it was almost two decades later, with enhanced features and releases over all digital platforms. So keep your fight against Dracula’s evil forces strong as you find the best Castlevania game for you.

What Is A Castlevania Game?

Castlevania is a horror-adventure classic video game. It features vampire hunters who hunt Dracula in Dracula’s castle. In addition, it’s available on different platforms, from earlier gaming systems to modern gaming consoles. You can easily find a Castlevania game everywhere you turn. Furthermore, it is one of the best video games ever made.

Castlevania titles have been released all over the world. In addition, Re-makes and new releases have made it into the world of digital gaming. Most of the Castlevania series are cast in Draculas haunted castle. The original Castlevania game in the haunted castle led to more games. In addition, the franchise has been made into animated Netflix series, comic books, and other video games.

From Nintendo to Game Boy to PlayStation, the Castlevania franchise and spinoffs are everywhere. At its core, the franchise has always been 2D. But after making its way to 3D, you can have the best Castlevania games at the tap of a button. It is noteworthy that some Castlevania games are rare and have achieved collectible status. They can be quite expensive.

What is the best castlevania game?

Let us take a look at the top Castlevania games that are bound to keep you on your toes as a vampire killer. So which is the best battle against count Dracula? Let’s find out.

1. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

101 Reviews

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Cartridge only. Cartidge may shows signs of heavy wear but is guaranteed to…

Initial release date: 6 May 2003

Mode: Single-player video game

Developer: Konami

Platforms: Game Boy Advance, Wii U, Java

After Konami released Aria of Sorrow, the audio quality was significantly better, and the difficulty level has also been upped a little. Aria of Sorrow is one of the first Castlevania games where Simon Belmont and trying to defeat Dracula are not the main goal. Instead, Soma Cruz is the main character of the Aria of Sorrow and not a vampire killer.

You can equip your character with various weapons and powers that you collect throughout the levels. The game also has a soul collection mechanic where Soma will absorb the split soul of the enemies. This adds more strategy to the game, giving it an edge since no other game has this feature.

You will have to work your absolute hardest to get the armor necessary for your advancement into the castle. Even though you’re not a vampire killer, your standard enemies throughout will give you a hard time, and you might fail a couple of times.

However, you can complete the Aria of Sorrow game within a few hours or a day. The digitized versions also have multiple speech-language options.


Improved audio

Easy to complete

Improved features

Cartridge save

Different plot100 souls

Has new ideas

Quality combat features


Noisy keystrokes

2. Symphony Of The Night

249 Reviews

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Over 140 different enemies, bosses and ghastly creatures.Awesome magical spells – transform into a bat, a wolf, or ethereal mist.Hidden weapons, secrets and characters… the largest Castlevania ever!Unknown (Author)

Initial release date: 20 March 1997

Developer: Konami

Mode: Single-player video game

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation, Android, PlayStation Portable, Sega Saturn, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, iOS

With a full RPG mechanics system, a Symphony Of The Night is not only amazingly crafted, but it also puts other overpriced games in their place in the race. It mixes a classic platform with multiple weapons and features. In addition, with basic pixel blending and shading, they gave Symphony Of The Night a warm look that is barely noticeable except to pro-gamers or professionals.

Compared to other Castlevania games, Symphony Of The Night is one of the hardest 8-bit games in existence. Furthermore, Simon’s quest is a way for Castlevania to stick to its roots but still offer diversity. Unfortunately, other renditions of a Symphony Of The Night, including adventure, do not beat out the feeling of playing the original game.

For the Symphony of the Night games’ controls, Xbox hardware is not the best option. The controls on Symphony Of The Night feel better and more interactive with a D-pad. It is an amazing game and can be easily downloaded. It is also compatible with Microsoft systems. Compared to the original Symphony of the Night PSX performance, this Symphony Of The Night is still good but doesn’t measure up.


Symphony Of The Night is XBLA friendly

Improved features

Legendary content


Multiple levels

Amazing gameplay




Horrible sound effects

3. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

622 Reviews

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Playstation 3
A brand new Castlevania game with state of the art graphics and high production…Developed by Spanish studio Mercury Steam and supervised by world renowned…Take on behemoth enemies that scale to the size of complete world environments…English (Publication Language)

Initial release date: 5 October 2010

Developers: Mercury Steam, Kojima Productions, Climax Studios

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Mode: Single-player, multiplayer

Lords of Shadow is an adventure game played from a third-person perspective. Gabriel Belmont defends the innocent against dark forces. To keep you fully engaged, not only does the Lords of Shadow game feature combat scenes, but it also has Castlevania puzzle-solving scenes. To get to the next level in Lords of Shadow, you have to use a combination of skill, strength, and puzzle-solving abilities.

In Lords of Shadow, weapons and magic are a combination of what you can use to defeat your enemies. By defeating your enemies, you earn more and more power in Lords of Shadow. You can later use the power for protection if you have to. Some of the powers also heal you from wounds sustained in the attacks. Lords of shadow has over-the-top boss fights that are challenging but fun to engage in.

In the Lords of shadow game, you can also defeat and tame creatures like spiders which come in handy. During puzzle-solving, you might not be able to solve the puzzles without the help of some of these creatures in the Lords of Shadow. In addition, each puzzle might require a different creature. Whichever way, the Lords of Shadow game is nothing short of amazing.


Challenging gameplay

Suitable for PlayStation 3

Awesome boss fighting battles

Quality graphics

Intense combat

High production standard

Great voice acting


Delayed game mechanics

4. Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

352 Reviews

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Interact with Castlevania by defeating evil spirits with the Magic Seal system,…Exchange or trade acquired souls with other players via the DS wireless…Continues the storyline that first emerged in the critically acclaimed…Introduces a variety of memorable new characters that help drive an exciting and…

Initial release date: 25 August 2005

Developers: Konami, Konami Computer Entertainment Japan

Platform: Nintendo DS

Modes: Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game

Dawn of Sorrow remains one of the best Castlevania games. It has a contemporary 3D design which also makes it portable. This game builds off the Aria of Sorrow game, still built in an original Castlevania structure. With the increasing number of enemies to tackle by the minute, the Dawn of Sorrow game keeps you on your toes as you navigate the system.

Your character can also snatch souls from enemies and later use them for protection and healing. Two language versions are available; both English and Japanese. So you don’t have to worry about playing with your friends on the opposite side of the world. You can still connect in your respective languages. Dracula’s castle, now ever spooky and filled with horror, awaits you in Dawn of Sorrow.

Dawn of Sorrow comes with a massive improvement in the graphics, which are not grainy, and the art that doesn’t look like art in a low-budget anime. Furthermore, this game’s scaling and rotation abilities are much more enhanced.


Improved abilities

Intense combat

Quality graphics


Available in 2 languages



Poor sound quality

5. Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse

No products found.

Initial release date: 22 December 1989

Developer: Konami

Mode: Single-player video game

Platforms: Nintendo Entertainment System, Microsoft Windows, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Wii

Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse has multiple paths created for your quest, with a multiple-player option is readily available. In addition, Trevor Belmont is the hero in this game. Although being the basic Belmont is not that exciting, there are other Belmont’s with greater powers. However, he does have the necessary package to deal with Dracula.

Along the way, you can also recruit three helpers to help with your quest to slay count Dracula. Castlevania III is the hardest of the series. It is harder than almost all the other games. The characters on Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse can be extra demanding, and one miscalculation on your part could result in you losing the game as you watch your allies fall to the bottom.

Not to worry, though; there are also benefits that come with the Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse game.




Improved features

Superb sound quality

Improved overall quality

Multiple stages


Stiff to control

6. Super Castlevania IV

6 Reviews

Super Castlevania IV (Super Nintendo, SNES) – Reproduction Video Game Cartridge
These repros play identical to the original game but use all new parts, so…New batteries for game saves (where applicable) mean you’re not going to lose…They look almost identical to the original games, so you can proudly display…Cost much less than the original games

Initial release date: 31 October 1991

Developer: Konami

Mode: Single-player video game

Platforms: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Wii U, Wii

You’d wonder what it was about the Super Nintendo that had it create so many brilliant games? Just like Super Mario Bros. World and A Link to the Past, Super Castlevania IV was definitely a huge leap forward for this particular franchise. It did outstandingly well as one of the best Castlevania games.

First off, the graphics on Super Castlevania IV were incredibly amazing compared to the other games on the NES; the soundtrack was also definitely a killer. Additionally, the fact that Simon Belmont has his iconic whip that can also take on vampires in 8 different directions is equally mind-blowing.

Super Castlevania IV also has additional ways to progress through the levels; by either grappling or crouch walking. The original developers considered this a remake of the previous titles. However, Konami’s American counterparts decided to market Super Castlevania IV as a direct sequel to Simon’s Quest. Either way, Super Castlevania IV does raise the bar as to what fans can expect from this series of action games as one of the best games under the Castlevania title.


The play in Super Castlevania IV is identical to the original game, but it uses new parts without it having to break down

Where applicable, you get new batteries for game saves which means that you won’t lose your saved games

Great game that looks almost identical to the original game Simon’s Quest

Has a great soundtrack which is one of the best SNES soundtracks

More affordable than the other titles

High-quality print on glossy paper that’s very similar to the original Super Nintendo manual

Made using premium Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

Lengthy but epic continuation to Simon’s quest

Much easier compared to NES games

Miiverse and Restore Points systems are great additions to this Castlevania title


Movement can get a little clumsy

Old password continue system that’s a little out of touch

7. Dracula X: Rondo Of Blood

Initial release date: 29 October 1993

Developer: Konami

Mode: Single-player

Platforms: TurboGrafx-16, PlayStation Portable, TurboGrafx-CD, Wii

When it comes to the Castlevania title, no game more effectively encapsulates everything that defines this series than the Rondo of Blood. Is it brisk, demanding that platforming action? It is. Does it have rewards for exploration? Yeap! Does it have stunning music and pretty artful graphics? Definite yes to that.

Simply put, Rondo of Blood is innovative, has great action set pieces with subtle, hidden details you’ll be squirming over. This far, it has set one of the highest bars for Castlevania that’s not ever been surpassed. Furthermore, Rondo of Blood simultaneously demonstrates just how much depth you can actually squeeze into a linear action game by embracing its history.

Right from the opening fight through the burning ruins of a village from Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest to the considerably dramatic kung-fu battle with Death that’s silhouetted by a clock tower. Rondo of Blood demands top-tier gameplay and unflagging skill from its players but always rewards the effort with fresh new challenges and such incredible surprises.

This game has remained a rare, pricey, import-only Japanese release for years. But, slowly, it has developed into a legendary cachet that tends to build up such curiosity. Rondo of Blood is clearly set apart as one of the best games.

Once everyone outside Japanese PC Engine fanatics finally gets a chance to play it, admittedly, they’d agree that it does live up to its reputation. It’s not just one of the best Castlevania games; it’s definitely one of the most iconic games of all time. 


Exciting visuals that pop on the PSP

A classic but tight gameplay

3 games for the price of 1


2 of these games need to be unlocked

Old school functionalities that might be hard to use

Unforgiving checkpoints and saves

8. Order Of Ecclesia

332 Reviews

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Intense side-scrolling action gameplay as you quest to collect elements that…Explore all-new outdoor areas from the forests to the oceanCompete head-to-head via the Nintendo DS Wi-Fi ConnectionSell and buy items and equipment you have found while playing with other players…

Initial release date: 21 October 2008

Developer: Konami

Modes: Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game

Platform: Nintendo DS

The Order of Ecclesia is the final true Metroidvania game that does a pretty good job at creating the appeal in this format while simultaneously adding its own stunts in the mix. First off, it has brutally ramped the difficulty level. This is intended to encourage players to use the granular RPG mechanics attributes and weaknesses system.

Interestingly, 20 years later, the Order of Ecclesia still attempts to put the ideas of Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest to its rights: The entire adventure in the Order of Ecclesia revolves around a town with citizens who’ve been abducted, and then it slowly grows to become a town full of citizens who offer non-misleading hints.

In the Order of Ecclesia, the heroine, Shanoa, liberates them from their vampire nightmare and prisons. The Order of Ecclesias a striking final statement to the classic era of the Castlevania series, since the Order of Ecclesia embraces Castlevania’s heritage while also demonstrating that there’s still room for innovation.


Great graphics with an even better musical score

Glyph system that really feels unique

Different but great level layout different in a good way

Plotline also covers the new Castlevania territory


Difficulty levels ramped up from the previous games

Recovery items are quite pricey

Some quest items can be very hard to locate

9. Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge (GB)

No products found.

Initial release date: 12 July 1991

Developer: Konami

Publisher: Konami

Platforms: Game Boy, Game Boy Color

Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge is, by far, much better production and better game than its predecessor, the first Castlevania. While still using the same Game Boy hardware, Belmont’s Revenge comes with a Megaman-like level select with interesting environments that are element-themed.

Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge also ranks as one of the greatest games since it includes sub-weapons like the holy water and an axe that many gamers had missed. The game is still short and painfully slow, but it’s also clear that the developers were coming to terms with exactly what it meant by making one of the best Castlevania games.


Takes the crappy elements from previous games and makes them legit good

The best game with great platforming ideas within the Castlevania universe

World selection that’s aped right from Mega Man Great soundtrack

Great graphics

Unless you’re getting hit by specific enemies, getting hits doesn’t downgrade your choice of weapon

Great Castlevania handheld game, and one of the best Castlevania games


Castlevania II title makes you think it’s Simon’s Quest

Last 3 bosses are relatively pricey

Level design isn’t as good compared to the NES/Genesis offerings

Still uses the password system instead of save

Controls can be relatively rigid at times

10. Castlevania: Bloodlines 

64 Reviews

Castlevania Bloodlines
Castlevania on the Genesis

Initial release date: 17 March 1994

Mode: Single-player video game

Developers: Konami, Konami Co., Ltd.

Platforms: Sega Genesis, Nintendo Switch

As the only Castlevania title, Bloodlines is also one of the best Castlevania games that saw the release on Sega’s 16-bit console. It also introduces one of the best-designed multiple playable characters and tells the story of the legendary vampire named Elizabeth Bartley, who’s also Dracula’s niece.

Elizabeth Bartley suddenly emerges in the 20th century to continue her uncle’s dark legacy, with her ultimate goal being to bring him back to life. The plot progresses as the Heroes Eric Lecarde, and his best friend John Morris decides to stand up to Bartley in th hopes of preventing Count Dracula’s resurrection.

This installment is also notably the first game in the Castlevania series that doesn’t take place in Dracula’s castle. As a matter of fact, Bloodlines has players traverse on a journey throughout Europe. This European connection admittedly looks ironic in hindsight, but on the downside, the game was heavily censored for the PAL release. At some point, Bloodlines was also renamed “The New Generation in Europe.” Blood effects on its title screen even had to be changed to water, while the zombies had to be changed from pink to green in color to make them appear even less gruesome. Fortunately, even despite the censorship, the game was still an instant hit worldwide.


Multiple playable characters

So many activities for next-level fun

Great graphics

Great soundtrack

Not the typical Castlevania game


Only comes with 6 levels making the game very short

11. Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

154 Reviews

Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Master the unique new skills of Devil Forgery to develop and enhance Innocent…Stronger RPG and adventure game elements featuring character growth based on…Arm yourself with axes, swords, spears and a variety of other powerful weaponsUtilize an advanced combo attack system to destroy the dark creatures of the…

Initial release date: 1 November 2005

Mode: Single-player video game

Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox

Developers: Konami, Konami Computer Entertainment Japan

The Curse of Darkness is also one of the best Castlevania games. Yes, we can all agree that it wasn’t perfect by any means, but it also had one of its best art styles that earned it a spot on the list. The great character designs and levels would be a great inspiration for a manga spinoff published by Tokyopop.

This game is set 3 years after Castlevania III and offers a new story and protagonistic approach. In this game, we see the leaving of the Belmont family behind, which favors Hector, the Devil Forgemaster who was employed by Dracula previously. At some point, Trevor Belmont does become a playable character; however, that includes his trusty whip, but that’s only when the main game has been beaten.


You can do collections

Great rafting that can be a little addictive

Neat devil sidekick customization

Great music and soundtrack


Surprisingly bland

Combat mode lacks punch and variety

Camera is inflexible

12. Circle of the Moon

212 Reviews

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon – Game Boy Advance
Count Dracula has been resurrected and evil will reign supreme unless he is…Unknown (Author)

Initial release date: 21 March 2001

Mode: Single-player video game

Developers: Konami, Konami Computer Entertainment Kobe (KCEK), Konami Computer Entertainment Studios, Inc.

Platforms: Game Boy Advance, Wii U

Circle of the Moon was also one of the best Castlevania games, the first Castlevania game to be released on the GBA. Similar to Aria of Sorrow, Circle of the Moon also mirrors the Symphony of the Night. On the downside, it’s not as refined as the GBA titles that would come after.

Circle of the Moon doesn’t go all out to take full advantage of GBA’s graphical capacity. The graphics in this game are dark and a little difficult to see. However, it has core gameplay, one of the best in the Castlevania series.

Overall the experience is great but not as fluid as Aria of Sorrow. But, if you like open-ended Castlevania games, then Circle of the Moon is definitely a must-play.


Detailed backgrounds and great sprite work

Many unlockable and challenging game modes

Interesting magic system

A lot of upgrades you can find


Plenty of breakable walls that also don’t look different from the other normal walls

Certain scenes are too long

Music is largely not used

13. Castlevania Chronicles

27 Reviews

Castlevania Chronicles
Includes original and arrange modes with graphic enhancement.English (Subtitle)

Initial release date: 23 July 1993

Mode: Single-player video game

Platforms: X68000, PlayStation

Developers: Konami, Konami Computer Entertainment Japan

This is yet another attempt in the remake of the original Castlevania and is still one of the best of them. It was initially released on the Japan-only Sharp X68000 home computer. This was remade for PlayStation with some of the new features years later on.

With either version, you choose to go with, brace yourself visually for some stunning remake of the original NES classic. It also comes with dazzling music and is also undoubtedly one of the most difficult gameplays in this entire series. Fortunately, it’s one the most difficult gameplays that also never comes with unfair or sloppy designs


Solid platforming gameplay

Great graphics

Great original tunes, as chiptunes and arranged songs

Comes with an arranged mode with improved controls, which lowers the difficulty for beginners players


The original mode had a weird issue with jumping, where you fall off of ledges as you try to jump off the edge

Not much innovation compared to the others in the series

14. Portrait Of Ruin

309 Reviews

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
In Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, players take on the role of Jonathan Morris…Evolving the action-adventure gameplay that has been the series’ trademark for…The game has two different endings. Both endings involve the prevention of…

Initial release date: 5 December 2006

Developer: Konami

Modes: Single-player video game, Multiplayer video game

Platform: Nintendo DS

While the Metroidvania approach was quite long, but the Portrait of Ruin still manages to keep things feeling a little fresh by mixing concepts up a bit. In this game, players were able to control different heroes at once. These include the whip-wielding Jonathan and spell-casting Charlotte.

Additionally, you can swap them instantly with the touch of a button. This game also uses the dual-protagonist style, where the levels and battles are designed around the duo. Narratively, this game should work as a sequel to Bloodlines, with a portal-based structure that allows the action to go far beyond Transylvania.


You can use a tag-team gameplay

Comes with a lot of extras

Killer soundtrack

Excellent modes and longevity

Great controls, music and graphics

Very innovative


Nuts and bolts are the same

No soul system

Significant number of the reused enemies

Portrait levels plenty f linearity

RPG elements make it hard to play

How Is Castlevania Categorized?

You have to know that Castlevania is categorized into three genres. The best Castlevania game is left up to you. So let’s jump into it. Keep in mind the level design differs from level to level. The categories are:

A) Classic Castlevania

The classic Castlevanias are the classic side-rollers with clunky controls that were a few seconds too slow. The original intended game is intended linear action made for skill action. Generally, the idea of the game is to test your skill.

That is why you are trapped into a slow-walking character with delayed jumps and actions. However, unlike modern gaming that was developed a few years ago, these classic games don’t require speedy and immediate reflexes.

Furthermore, these games are to test positioning and timing. Classic Castlevanias at their best give some of the best games of all time, if not for fun, then at least for memories. The classic Castlevanias include:

Castlevania (NES)Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse (NES)Castlevania: Bloodlines (Genesis / Mega Drive)

B) Metroid Castlevania

Metroid Castlevanias add RPG elements to them. In this original Castlevania adventure, you are to explore the labyrinth of Dracula’s castle. If you have played a Metroid title Castlevania Chronicles, then you know the gaming style. Furthermore, the Metroid-style Castlevania series places you in a 2D style map to find upgrades.

Upgrades for your character let you access areas you have not yet explored. Furthermore, the RPG elements elevate your level. Your level design also dictates your statistic boosting equipment and weapons to proceed to the next level. Metroid Castlevania’s include:

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (GBA)Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (DS)Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (DS)Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (DS)

C) 3D Castlevanias

Castlevania has moved some games from 2D to 3D on PlayStation 2. This switch from 2D to 3D marks one of the most ambitious entries of the Castlevania series. Furthermore, most people prefer the 2D versions of Castlevania games; hence the 3D versions are the least consistent. PlayStation 2 era is when the series hits its heights in terms of narrative and plot.

Expanding far beyond the go kill Dracula plot, the 3D games have more of a storyline plot and serious timelines. Either way, they are as compelling as the 2D and fun to play. You should, however, be willing to concede with some limitations to enjoy the 3D versions fully. 3D Castlevanias that stood out for us are:

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence (PS2, PS3)Castlevania: Curse of Darkness (PS2, PS3, Xbox)Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 1-2 (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

Frequently Asked Questions On The Best Castlevania Game

1. Which Castlevania game is the hardest to play?

Apart from being fun, Castlevania hard modes are significantly harder to play than normal difficulty. You are not bad at Castlevania; the games are just built to be difficult. More powerful enemies replace your enemies.

Your enemies also multiply from level to level and gain different characteristics and sub-weapons. As a result, you also have reduced attack and reduced defenses.

2. How many levels are there in Castlevania?

Castlevania games use platform gameplay to operate. Each game is divided into six blocks. Each block is divided into three stages. That makes a total of eighteen stages. Consequently, each stage has difficulty levels as you progress.

3. What Castlevania games should I play?

If you are a newbie to Castlevania games, then we maintain you should probably start with Aria of sorrow. You can then proceed to Dawn of sorrow, and maybe then you can try Rondo of blood.

Portrait of ruin and super Castlevania iv also come close to the best Castlevania games. These are the easiest to access and have a decent presentation.

4. Why are Castlevania games and so good?

Apart from the first game being a rather rare collectible, Castlevania games are really good. They offer an interesting plot. They are also fun to play and challenging as well. The combat systems are also well-defined to keep you engaged for the best Castlevania game of your life.

5. Which Castlevania is the hardest to play?

If you are a pro-gamer and you need a challenge, Castlevania Chronicles and the she-wolf boss fights are some of the hardest games that gamers have ever played. Likewise, order of Ecclesia and Symphony of the Night are amongst the hardest games to play.

Bottom Line

The future of the Castlevania franchise is not certain. However, the early arrival of a Castlevania game on a Game Boy Advance should have been a sign to take Nintendo’s first handheld console seriously. While we have tried to single out the best Castlevania game, it is nearly impossible to rate the overall best. Therefore, we have considered these top picks for you.

The Castlevania gaming scene has not had any new games since 2014. However, Koji Igarashi has produced the Castlevania animated series. There is still hope that Koji Igarashi will produce more pseudo-sequels as long as there is demand for them. With game styles changing all the time, you will always enjoy playing the role of a vampire killer and boss fights.

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