What Screen Recorder Does PewdiePie Use?

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So you want to make videos like PewdiePie?

A lot of gaming enthusiast these days are interested with the idea of setting up their own gaming channel and uploading their own videos on popular streaming sites like YouTube. This can be a good way to get their names out there and gain a following. Over time they can even monetize these videos and start earning from them. The concept may seem easy, but what really matters is really the execution.

What Screen Recorder does PewdiePie use?

PewdiePie uses Camtasia!

More Info

If you want to know how to record facecam like pewdiepie then all you need to do is get a copy of Camstasia. It is a software that can be downloaded and then installed on the computer that will make it possible for you to successfully record your gameplay and your face.

He also uses a recording webcam that can record audio, he uses the Logitech Quickcam Pro. This is a very good camera to use when it comes to recording your face with camstasia and getting yourself overlaid on the videos that you will be uploading later.

Other Youtuber’s that use this ScreenRecorder are Iballisticsquid, skydoesminecraft, bajancanadian, markiplier, syndicate, jeromeasf, dantdm, ihascupquake and zexyzek.

What Does PewdiePie use to edit his videos?

Usually complicated software needs to be used to get a finished product like Pewdiepie’s. Most people will have to learn how to use both Adobe Photoshop CC and the Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The good thing about Camtasia though is that it’s an all in one software meaning you don’t need to waste money and time with any Adobe products.

Final Advice..

Just remember though that the right equipment and gear do count a lot when making good videos but it is the content and you yourself that will still carry the weight on how good your output is going to be. So, unless you can put great quality content out there, all the equipment and tools will still not be enough.

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