What Editing Software & Chair Does W2S Use?

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What Chair Does W2S Use?

Harry seems to be one of the only Sidemen YouTubers to not be using a DXR or Omega Racing Chair like counterparts KSI and Simon. Instead he uses a sleek black PC chair placed in his immaculately arranged room. He uses one of these http://amzn.to/29f72Lm chairs on Amazon but it is hard to find out as there is no clear branding on the chair.

More Info about W2S

Harry Lewis the person behind the name W2S short name for Wroetshaw, was born on November 24, 1996. He lives in Guernsey ,England. He has a brother named Josh which you can see in his Youtube videos as game partner and a sister named Rosie. He is a 19 year old famous British FIFA gamer and game reviewer. He is the person behind those YouTube videos talking about the techniques , styles and challenges of football. He also does live comment videos and currently has 7 million subscribers.

You can follow him on his social media accounts such as his YouTube account Wroetoshaw. Twitter account Harry@Wroetoshaw, and his Instagram account W2S and Vine. You can see his posts on his accounts all about his group Sidemen, his funny moments and sharing post and reviews about FIFA games and updates.

What Editing Software Does Wroetoshaw

This British game player and Youtuber goes by name W2S and started to create his first ever popular YouTube video last July 26, 2012. His most viewed and popular videos in Youtube are based on FIFA games. He is also a member of Ultimate Sidemen or The Sidemen, it is a group British fellow video game reviewers and commentators in Youtube which was formed last October 19 2013.

They present videos of different kinds of FIFA games and other popular online video games and are popular because of these games . Not only that they also create their own funny videos . This group recently announced that they will be releasing a book entitled Sidemen: The Book. You can have easy access in ordering this book through Amazon and Waterstones.

What Song/Music Does Wroetoshaw Use?

Harry Lewis moved to London and shares an apartment with his Youtuber friends who are non Sidemen members, they are Calfreezy and Callux. Calfreezy is same as W2S a FIFA gameplayer and Callux also a Youtuber who posts funny videos, interviews and pranks with people he meets on the street.

What Camera Does Wroetoshaw Use?

W2S plays games like GTA , Trial Fusion, Agario, Asphalt and other random games. Gaming chairs is what he needs in order to play random games or record, play and comment videos on football and other random games. Video gaming chair is the most comfortable kind of gaming chair that enables gamers to do some comfortable gaming with proper audio and video games. It suits the different types of gaming actions online. Comfort and durability and with good quality are all needed.

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