Refurbished Steam Decks: Affordable Gaming by Valve for up to $130 less than new models

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Certified refurbished Steam Decks can save you a little money without sacrificing performance or warranty.

In the world of gaming, Valve Corporation has taken a step that has caught the attention of both gamers and tech enthusiasts alike. The company has recently introduced a new offering that aims to revolutionize the gaming experience while keeping affordability in mind. Valve’s refurbished Steam Decks have hit the market, offering a remarkable alternative to gamers who want high-quality gaming devices without breaking the bank.

A New Way to Game: Valve’s Refurbished Steam Decks

What Are Steam Decks?

Before delving into the world of refurbished options, let’s understand what Steam Decks are. A Steam Deck is a handheld gaming device that allows players to access their entire Steam library on the go. This portable device merges the power of a gaming PC with the convenience of a handheld console, offering a unique and versatile gaming experience.

The Affordable Alternative

Valve’s decision to offer refurbished Steam Decks comes as exciting news for gamers who are mindful of their budgets. These refurbished devices are being sold for up to $130 less than their brand-new counterparts. This initiative not only opens doors for more players to experience the joys of a high-performance gaming device but also contributes to the reduction of electronic waste, aligning with Valve’s commitment to sustainability.

Unveiling the Benefits

High-Quality Performance

Despite being refurbished, these Steam Decks maintain the high standards set by Valve. With powerful hardware and exceptional capabilities, these devices ensure a smooth and immersive gaming experience. Gamers can explore the vast landscape of their favorite games without compromising on performance.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Opting for a refurbished Steam Deck doesn’t just make sense economically, but also environmentally. By extending the lifespan of electronic devices, we collectively contribute to reducing electronic waste. Each refurbished unit is carefully inspected, repaired, and restored to its original glory, ensuring that players receive a product that’s as good as new.

Variety of Options

Valve is offering a range of options within the refurbished lineup, allowing gamers to choose a Steam Deck that aligns with their preferences and requirements. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated enthusiast, there’s a refurbished Steam Deck tailored just for you.

Valve’s Steam Deck hardware has been consistently available to buy for over a year now, but if the price has put you off, Valve has a new option for you. The company is now selling official, certified-refurbished Steam Decks with the same one-year warranty as new models at prices that are between $80 and $130 lower, depending on the configuration you want.

A basic Steam Deck with 64GB of eMMC storage costs $319 refurbished, compared to $399 new. The 256GB model runs $419 refurbished, compared to $529 new. And the 512GB model costs $519, compared to $649 new. All have the same Zen 2-based AMD CPU and integrated Radeon GPU, the same 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM, a charger, and a carrying case. Buying refurbished hardware directly from the manufacturer—from Apple’s refurbished site, the Dell Outlet, and other places—is usually a great way to get like-new hardware for less money without sacrificing software and warranty support as you might if you bought from a third party.

If you want to save even more money on a Steam Deck, consider that iFixit, Framework, and a growing number of SSD makers are also releasing (physically) smaller SSD models that users can buy to save some money on storage or upgrade beyond that 512GB maximum.

Valve says the hardware is guaranteed to work like new, though refurbished units may have cosmetic defects that don’t affect functionality.

“Each Certified Refurbished Steam Deck has been thoroughly tested to the same high standards as our retail units,” says Valve. Every device goes through a complete factory reset, software update, and an extensive examination involving over 100 tests at one of Valve’s facilities.

Among the tests are all controller inputs, the audio system, the screen, and internals. Battery health is also assessed to ensure proper functionality and longevity. All refurbished units meet or even exceed the performance standards of new retail units. Although they may have minor cosmetic blemishes, they provide a reliable, high-quality gaming experience at a lower cost.

The Steam Deck’s hardware has already been superseded by newer CPUs and GPUs like the Ryzen Z1 in Windows-powered handhelds like the Asus ROG Ally. And Valve has said that it’s in no rush to put out a major upgrade, preferring instead to stick to a more console-esque upgrade timeline that gives developers a slower-but-stable configuration to target.

But as we discovered in our testing, Windows still isn’t well-suited for handheld PCs, and third-party SteamOS distributions for handhelds like the Ally also aren’t all there. For many players’ day-to-day experience, it’s still worth giving up some extra frames-per-second to get the niceties of official first-party SteamOS support.

Your Questions Answered

1. Are refurbished Steam Decks reliable?

Absolutely! Each refurbished Steam Deck undergoes rigorous testing and restoration processes to ensure they meet Valve’s quality standards.

2. Can I access my existing Steam library on a refurbished Steam Deck?

Yes, you can! These devices grant you access to your entire Steam library, allowing you to pick up where you left off.

3. How does Valve contribute to sustainability through this initiative?

By refurbishing devices instead of producing new ones, Valve reduces electronic waste and minimizes the environmental impact of their products.

4. What comes in the box with a refurbished Steam Deck?

In addition to the device itself, you’ll receive the necessary cables and accessories to get started right away.

5. Is there a warranty for refurbished Steam Decks?

Certainly! Valve provides a warranty for each refurbished Steam Deck, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.

Conclusion: Gaming Excellence Meets Affordability

In a world where gaming technology is rapidly evolving, Valve’s decision to offer refurbished Steam Decks is a game-changer. The combination of high-quality performance, affordability, and sustainability makes these devices a compelling choice for gamers of all kinds. As Valve continues to bridge the gap between innovation and accessibility, the refurbished Steam Decks stand as a testament to their commitment to enhancing the gaming experience.

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