Uniswap Soars Amid High volatility, Will Chimpzee Follow The Same Pattern?

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IThe native token of Uniswap, UNI, has demonstrated solid market status in the past 6 days and is still green today, July 31, 2023.

UNI’s price performance as top coins receded spiked massive investor interests as they speculated whether the rally will be sustained. UNI has gained over 22% in the past month.

UNI’s performance could be hinged on the newly introduced protocol in Uniswap’s network called, UniswapX, an auction-based open-source (GPL) and permission-less protocol.

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Meet UniswapX— a new permissionless, open source (GPL), auction-based protocol for trading across AMMs & other liquidity sources.

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UNI’s Price Actions 

In the past 2 weeks, UNI has recorded remarkable movements with an 11% price gain, as it maintained bullish momentum since July 25. Today July 31, the token’s market value is $6.497  at 9:00 EST, representing a 2% increase in the last 24 hours.

The present market price shows that the token has increased 10% over the past 7 days, trading at a week high of $6.53.

UNI is Likely to Maintain Its Bullish Trend

The chart above reveals that UNI is in the bullish trend. The Uniswap token is trading above the 50-Day and 200-Day Simple Moving Average (SMA), a short-term and long-term bullish signal. 

The presence of green candlesticks above the 200 EMA demonstrates the action of the bulls as they push UNI to $7 in the shortest possible time.

UNI’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) is at 69.15, moving to the overbought zone (70), indicating increased buying pressure as more buyers acquire UNI tokens.

Moreover, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) is trading above the signal line with green histogram bars, confirming UNI’s current market position. UNI may continue to soar above $6 in the next few hours or days until the bears emerge again in its market.

 Support and Resistance Price Levels

UNI has repeatedly fallen to the support level at the $5.184 and $5.678 mark. Surpassing the $5.678 support twice in July empowered the bulls in today’s rally as they push UNI over to the $6.933 significance previously tested in March. 

Breaking above this resistance level might see UNI hit the $7.00 target price and head for higher highs in the next few days. Otherwise, expect UNI to return to the $5.678 support, which may empower the bears to pull it down to the $5.184 aiming for lower lows. 

This might further drag the market value of UNI to the $5.184 support level.

Experts Predict UNI’s Future Market Price

Many technical analysts at PricePrediction forecasted that by 2024, UNI’s market value could reach a maximum price of $12.48, record a drop to $10.42, and trade within an average price of $10.72.

By 2025, they predicted that the asset is likely to have the lowest price of $14.89, an average price of $15.42, and the highest price of $18.43.

Some crypto experts at Bitnation forecasted that by 2026, the token’s price may be around $27.28 for the minimum price, $29.23 for the average price, and $31.18 for the maximum price.

By the year 2027, they also shared that UNI’s market value might have its lowest, average, and highest prices at $33.78, $35.73, and $37.68.

A group of analysts at CoinPedia predicted that by 2028, the asset may record its yearly high and low at $30.69 and  $40.26, respectively, and an average price of $35.85.

For the year 2029, they also forecasted that UNI’s market price could be around $37.97, $49.66, and $43.32 for the minimum, maximum, and average prices, respectively.

By 2030, they also forecasted that the token might witness a surge to $61.89, record a drop to $47.62, and could have an average price of $54.59.

Latest Updates in Uniswap Network

Reports show that Uniswap, the renowned decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain, launched a UniswapX, an auction-based protocol. This launch came after liquidity pools fragmentation and on-chain routing become complex as the number of customized pool designs increased.

The protocol will assist the network expand its routing ability by outsourcing for third-party swap fillers. These fillers will contest for on-chain liquidity swap fills using the AMM pool or some other private inventories.

This will foster swapping activities on Uniswap, making participants not concerned about the best price because transparency is assured, and the transactions will be finalized and recorded in the on-chain space.

Furthermore, the novel protocol will foster on-chain enhance trading and enhance self-custody swapping, give better prices, prevent maximal extractable value (MEV), ensure gas-free swapping, provide enough liquidity, and prevent cost on unsuccessful transactions.

Chimpzee (CHMPZ) is Making Waves, Another Asset for Consideration 

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Chimpzee (CHMPZ), a green-future project, is making waves in its presale stage and has demonstrated successful movements. The project attained a success height after as it raised $1 million during its presale session owing to the increased attention it garnered from investors.

Its success recorded thus far is encouraging for investors who wish to diversify the assets in their portfolios. 

The project’s token, CHMPZ is perceived as one that could explode, putting smiles on traders’ faces following its system design, structured in a manner that may give significant returns.

The Chimpzee project is a revolutionary means of having passive income in the crypto space while conserving the human environment and saving animals. Interestingly, the creators added features that enable the project to have an impact on society even at its presale session.

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In Guatemala, it sponsored the planting of 20 thousand trees to ensure rainforest restoration, which is quite vital for flood prevention. It also supported the planting of one over 1 thousand trees to restore rainforests in one of the South American Countries, Brazil.

Notwithstanding, the project team has also given Wild Foundation $15 thousand to help save elephants. These astonishing sponsorship may be another driving force to the success of the project as the team behind it has shown its commitment to the project. 

The project is designed to encourage participants by providing rewards, income earning, and many other benefits through its NFT passport and 3 other ways.

Again, the project founders believe in the term “TEAM (together everyone achieves more),” following their interest for individuals to join them in to fight against deforestation and save the natural environment.

What Makes CHMPZ Unique from Others

For the project’s dream to become a reality, the creators developed a lively ecosystem with features that will help sustain the project and encourage users in the ecosystem.

These features include NFT Marketplace, Chimpzee Shop, and Zero Tolerance Game. 

NFT Marketplace

This feature is claimed to be the first of its kind. It will allow users to earn as they trade in the marketplace. Active traders will earn from a portion of the platform’s trading profit generated through trading fees. This is the first platform rewarding its traders in this manner.

Chimpzee also NFT passport, investors who purchase these NFTs will be given a higher share from the trading fees the company realized.

Chimpzee shop

This is the center of commerce in the project’s ecosystem. Here, Chimpzee gear is sold, and users who purchase them will earn CHMPZ tokens as rewards.

These profits are sent to trusted organizations that focus on saving the environment and wildlife. And the rewards obtained can be used to unlock special offers and discounts on the ecosystem.

Zero Tolerance Game

This is the entertainment section of the platform where users entertain themselves by playing games and also earn rewards.

The requirement for earning in the section is that users must hold CHMPZ to gain extra units of the token. 

CHMPZ Presale

Since the launch of the project’s presale, it has progressed significantly. The project team allocated 45% out of the 100 billion CHMPZ total token supply to the presale session.

It has four presale categories, which include Chimpzee Diamond, Chimpzee Gold, Chimpzee Silver, and Chimpzee Bronze.  Each of these categories has several presale stages, a unique staking percentage, a particular selling price, and a particular number of NFTs. 

The presale has passed the Chimpzee Diamond category and is currently on Chimpzee Gold at presale stage 8 of the category and a selling price of $0.000775 for a unit of CHMPZ.

Remarkably, investors who invest in the project’s presale before August 1, 20023, will receive almost 125% units of CHMPZ for free so, buy now if you wish to invest.

Today, the presale has raised over $1 million. So, to be among those that could benefit tremendously, join the Chimpzee Army through the project’s official website.

Connect your crypto wallet (Trust Wallet and MetaMask is recommended) and use ETH and swap with CHMPZ.

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