NES nostalgia at your fingertips: $100 mechanical keyboard honors ’80s console

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Iconic, impactful, and unforgettable, the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) changed the video game industry for good when it came out in the ’80s. Originally released as the Family Computer, aka Famicom, in Japan, the landmark console still holds a place in people’s hearts, whether it’s through cherished maintained consoles, DIY designs, or old-school titles. Now that nostalgia can trickle down to your fingertips, too.

Today, 8BitDo, a gaming peripherals maker with a flair for retro designs, announced via Twitter a mechanical keyboard that will give ’80s Nintendo fans the warm fuzzies. 8BitDo, likely aware of Nintendo’s stringent legal team, doesn’t outright state the keyboard’s similarity to the original Nintendo console. And the product’s name, Retro Mechanical Keyboard, is vague and unrevealing. But the colors, extra buttons, and color scheme names—N Edition (with NES colors) and Fami Edition (with Famicom colors)—are enough to bring you back to your ’80s gaming den.

Both the N and Fami Edition have console-controller-looking “B” and “A” buttons where FN and Menu keys are expected. The keys, as like the rest of the keyboard’s keys, are programmable without software or using 8BitDo’s Ultimate Software V2.

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