Minecraft: How to Tame a Fox and Where To Find Them

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Since 2018, foxes have become a part of Minecraft, and they’re one of the coolest “mobs.” They’re charming, cubic tiny beasts that traverse Minecraft’s biomes and could have something to offer the typical explorer. Keep reading to learn where you can find foxes in Minecraft, how to tame a fox in Minecraft, and more.

Like most animal gangs, you may tame foxes to follow and obey you. Unlike the other animals, though, you won’t be able to persuade any random fox to like you. Instead, you’ll have to create a brand new fox from scratch.

Foxes are afraid of humans and will flee if you approach them. There are, however, certain things you can do to tame one for yourself and turn it into a friend.

What Are Foxes in Minecraft?

Foxes are battling for the title of most adorable Minecraft animal, joining wolves, ocelots, and cats in the distinguished ranks of tamable mobs. They are a passive mob with some interesting characteristics that make them a fun addition to the game’s bewilderingly large animal collection.

Foxes might be difficult to hunt down in-game, depending on your luck. They’ll only be found in taiga biomes (cold woodlands with spruce trees), and they won’t be as plentiful as pigs or cows. On the other hand, foxes usually spawn in groups of three to four, which helps to compensate for their rarity.

In the game, there are two different types of foxes to encounter. The foxes spawn in taiga biomes free of snow and ice will be white and red.

Foxes that spawn in taiga biomes with plenty of snow, on the other hand, will have white and grey fur, similar to arctic foxes. As a result, they are the finest thing in Minecraft.

When they’re active, foxes are relatively little (larger than a cat but smaller than a wolf) and have a lot of energy. Their appearance is completed by their large heads and large, fluffy tails. Baby foxes are also present; however, they are rare in the wild.

Where Does Minecraft Foxes Spawn?

One thing to keep in mind regarding Minecraft foxes is that they’re nocturnal creatures, so anyone wishing to start their hunt will have to do so while it’s dark.

Of course, things get a bit riskier when you’re around, so beginners should make sure they can defend themselves against anything that could try to convert your new pet into supper before going fox-hunting.

At night, adult foxes can be seen in taiga biomes, generally because they like to nest in green woods. Foxes may be found in the taiga, giant tree taiga, and snow taiga biomes. If you have taiga settlements in your world, you may also locate them there.

Fox cubs have a minor possibility of spawning, and if you’re in the snow taiga biome, the foxes will be white instead of the traditional russet with whitetails.

If you want to increase your chances of spotting a fox in-game, they also like to hang around near settlements. When it comes to evening, Minecraft foxes are just as naughty as their real-life counterparts, resulting in some entertaining fuzzy escapades.

Requirements to Tame a Fox in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you’ll need two sweet berries to persuade any two foxes to breed, as well as one lead to tame your new fox. A lead may be readily obtained by using a crafting table with three threads and one slimeball. To finish the fox taming procedure, you’ll need two sweet berries and one lead.

Sweet berries may be obtained by picking them from a sweet berry shrub. These berry bushes are found in all taiga biome zones (including snow taigas and giant tree taigas) and spawn at a rate of 1/12 for every chunk.

How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft

To tame a fox, you must have offspring by crossing two wild foxes. This is how you do it.

1. Finding the Two Foxes

As mentioned earlier, foxes may only be found in the taiga biome and the taiga biome, with the exception that they may travel into neighboring biomes. The big, green spruce trees will distinguish the taiga habitat. The taiga biome comes in a variety of forms, including snowy taigas with white foxes.

An untamed fox is a finicky and unpredictable creature. You should look for them throughout the day when most of them will be sleeping.

Image Credit: windowscentral.com

Make sure you start crouching as soon as you spot a curled-up, conked-out fox. If you’re playing on a computer, you’ll use the shift key on your keyboard to crouch or the crouch button on your controller if you’re playing on a gaming console.

Build a pen around the fox while still crouched to trap it. You can create your pen out of any block, but the walls should be at least three blocks tall.

This will prevent it from escaping. You won’t be able to stop crouching until the fox is safely enclosed in its pen. When you uncrouch, the foxes’ battle switch is flipped, and they flee.

Even better, if you spot two foxes close together, capture them both in the same enclosure. Use fences or barriers to catch both foxes.

However, since this is an uncommon occurrence, you’ll almost certainly have to track down and capture the foxes individually. After that, you’ll need to build a wall of blocks to link the two traps.

You can deploy a boat if the foxes you find are spread apart and you don’t want to take on a major building project. Place a boat in front of a fox, and it will be stuck inside if it wanders into it. You may then row the boat to the second fox and capture both of them.

You want to end up with a very tight cage to confine the two foxes, regardless of whatever option you pick.

2. Feed Foxes Sweet Berries

You should now have two nearby adult foxes caged up, whether you spent the previous hour wrestling foxes or simply put down a few fox spawn eggs. Breed foxes and then wait for a newborn fox to mature before releasing it.

Get a delicious fruit (sweet berry) and approach the two adult foxes. These are derived from the green-and-red shrubs that you may come across sometimes. They will sometimes delay and injure you as you walk through them. If you haven’t already gathered some, they’re very frequent in the taiga.

In your Hotbar, equip the sweet berries, then approach the fox and use the berries to feed it as a fruit. Make sure you’re crouching if you’re having trouble getting close enough to feed the foxes.

When both tamed foxes are fed with a delicious sweet berry, they will quickly breed foxes (baby fox). The baby foxes should be your golden egg: unlike their parents, who will still go insane when you press the crouch key on a gaming console, they will be lovely and docile. This is the fox you’ve tamed.

Your baby fox will appear and remain in the vicinity of its parents. You’re not finished yet. Even if the fox in Minecraft is submissive, it is still out of your control.

3. Prevent the Baby Fox From Following the Adult Foxes

While the attitude of the baby fox may be far from the tree, if you leave it alone, it will always return to its parents. This implies that if they flee, it will flee as well.

Attach a leash to the tamed fox and move it away from its parents. A lead can be made by mixing thread with a slime ball or found randomly in chests across the globe. The slime ball is responsible for the stickiness of the lead.

Attach the lead to the baby fox by arming it and utilizing it. You may then gently guide him away to start a new life with you. The tamed fox will forget about its parents and cease following them once you’re away.

Things You Need To Know About Foxes

Every new mob Mojang introduces to Minecraft now appears to have to be more active and personal than the one before it.

Mojang is making cows, pigs, and chickens painfully boring with all the many behaviors foxes display, as well as the bees that will be included later. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

1. Foxes are Nocturnal Animals

The sleeping habits of foxes will be the most obvious. Foxes aggressively avoid being awake during the day, preferring to cuddle up in shaded locations until the evening. If you wake a sleeping fox or if the lighting above it changes, the Minecraft fox will look for a new area to sleep.

2. Foxes Love to Travel in Packs

It’s not impossible to find a fox on its own, but they like to congregate with other foxes, even sleeping close to each other at times.

3. Foxes Are Carnivores

Chickens, rabbits, most gaming fish, and even newborn turtles, if they’re on land, are all favorites of foxes. Red foxes like land creatures, but arctic foxes prefer a little swim to accompany their food.

4. Foxes Attack Villages

When it becomes dark, foxes become much more active. Villages will be targeted, and foxes will take belongings from villagers and eat their poultry.

5. Foxes Help in Transportation of Goods

Foxes, for example, will pick up and carry various things in their jaws. They have the ability to take up anything that the player has. If a fox is killed while holding an object, the item will be dropped for the player to pick up right away.

5. Foxes in Minecraft are Exceptional Jumpers

A fox in Minecraft will leap rather than jump. And they leap a long way. When a fox is preparing to jump, it will squat down and prepare before leaping through the air. They can readily jump over fences and walls and, at times, may jump as high as 4 or 5 blocks! Your poultry coops need to be rebuilt.

6. Foxes Have Incredible Speed

Since the fox’s running speed is much similar to that of an ocelot, keeping up with them can be difficult.

7. Sweet Berries are a Favorite for Foxes

A Sweet berry bush is among the more troublesome fauna you could come across in Minecraft, but that isn’t the case with foxes. Not only do foxes enjoy eating them, but they also don’t suffer any harm or lose any speed when passing through sweet berry bushes.


This is all there is to know about foxes in Minecraft, how to tame a fox, and where to find them. If you’re playing on the Java Edition, you’ve undoubtedly had these folks for a while, but if you’re playing on the Bedrock Edition, you’ll have to go out and discover something new.

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