Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 Review

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Wireless mice are usually convenient; they can make for faster and easier navigation than a trackpad, and they don’t clutter up desk space with wires. Besides, the Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse is designed to be your go-to mouse for precise scrolling and navigation. Although a standard mouse can do an adequate task handling the basics, a quality mouse-like Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse is more reliable and accurate, not to mention that it will be more comfortable when using one. Additionally, it’s inexpensive and reliable enough to make more sense than a cheap wired mouse for many people.

Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse 3600 Review

Here comes a product review that can help you find the best wireless mouse for you. Microsoft Bluetooth mobile mouse 3600 reviews are designed to explain every question in a user’s mind. So, why should you always choose the best peripherals and not the ordinary ones?

In this Microsoft Bluetooth mouse 3600 review, you will get honest and practical suggestions regarding this mouse. One should always use comfortable and reliable products every time. It helps in increasing your productivity and is also useful everywhere.

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 (PN7-00001)


Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 – Black. Comfortable Design, Right/Left…
Compact Design for ultimate portability4-way scroll wheel for navigating up, down, left and rightWorks on virtually any surface with BlueTrack TechnologyAmbidextrous design is suitable for use with either hand

You can use the Microsoft Bluetooth mobile mouse 3600 without any trouble. No matter where you are, it is one of the best wireless mouses, and you can carry it everywhere with you. You can even use it on any rough surface, including your table, living room carpet or even a garden bench. The secret behind its extraordinary performance is Microsoft BlueTrack Technology.

Microsoft BlueTrack Technology helps you enable your mouse to work perfectly on all types of surfaces. For greater accuracy, this technology functions well. Microsoft Bluetooth mobile mouse 3600 review describes all the great features that explain why you should or should not use this wireless mouse.

Microsoft Bluetooth mouse is cheap, but it makes you cheerful forever!

Note: Nothing to worry about whether you are a left or right-hand user because this mouse is the best fit for you either way. It has an ambidextrous design, allowing you to use a Microsoft mouse equally with your left or right hand. Microsoft Bluetooth mobile mouse 3600 review also declares that users remain comfortable while using the Microsoft mouse. [/alert]

You are not supposed to follow any complex procedures to connect this mouse with your computer. Instead, it would be best if you pair your mouse with your laptop or tablet using the advanced Bluetooth Smart technology. Plus, it is wireless, so apparently, you can employ the best features of this special mouse.

Since it does not have any wiring functions, you don’t need to use wires for connectivity. You can instantly connect Microsoft Bluetooth mouse 3600 without wires or dongles. Once you successfully connect your mouse with the laptop, you are ready to use it.

With just a single battery, you can use your Microsoft Bluetooth mobile mouse 3600 for up to twelve months. Thus, Microsoft Bluetooth mobile mouse 3600 review guarantees you to trust this mouse fully as it can make things better and smooth.



Designed for everyday comfort

Offers precise scrolling and navigation

Smooth tracking on most surfaces

Features fast-tracking sensor


Smaller than most mice


Microsoft 3600 Mouse Specs

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 review also covers this mouse’s design and multiple functions.

Microsoft 3600 mouse has a solid design for important portability. You can carry this mobile mouse with you as the compact design fits comfortably in your hand and is best for traveling.

i). 4-way scroll wheel

Microsoft Bluetooth mouse 3600 has 4-way scrolling wheels for moving left, right, up and down.

ii). BlueTrack technology

You can experience the feature of BlueTrack Technology with a Microsoft mouse. It allows you to combine the power of optical with the accuracy of laser for more accurate tracking on almost any kind of surface.

iii). Comfortable in either way

The ambidextrous design of the Microsoft Bluetooth mobile mouse 3600 makes it the right choice for both left and right-hand users. In addition, it is comfortable to use in either way.

iv). Bluetooth smart

Microsoft Bluetooth mobile mouse 3600 uses Bluetooth Smart technology, which is reliable and trouble-free. In addition, it has the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

v). Up to 12-month battery life

You can freely use your Bluetooth mobile mouse for up to twelve months with a single battery. You are no longer required to change batteries again and again.

vi). Dimensions

Microsoft Bluetooth mouse 3600 has dimensions such as 3.75” / 95.4mm length and 2.25” / 57.1mm width.

vii). Input device

It uses the wireless technology of Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with your laptop or tablet. Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile mouse uses a 1000 dpi movement resolution. The performance can count on 10 G maximum acceleration and up to 30 inches per second. It comes in black color.

viii). Warranty

The Microsoft Bluetooth mouse 3600 has a three-year limited warranty.

General Specifications

Usually, it needs a 33 ft. maximum operating distance. It has 4 buttons located on the right and left-hand sides, and one is on the top center of the mouse.

i). Designed for everyday comfort and precise scrolling

The Microsoft Bluetooth mouse is designed for everyday comfort and precise scrolling. It also has a compact design that fits comfortably in your hand and makes it easy to be productive on the move with smooth, precise tracking on most surfaces.

ii). Precise navigation

The Microsoft Bluetooth mouse works across websites and documents with a dedicated scroll wheel having three right, middle, and left buttons. These buttons encourage precise scrolling and navigation.

iii). Fast-tracking sensor

The Microsoft Bluetooth mouse features a fast-tracking sensor making it productive on the move with smooth tracking on most surfaces.

iv). True wireless freedom connects

The Microsoft Bluetooth mouse connects to your Windows 10 laptop and Windows 11 Home/Pro through wireless Bluetooth 5.0 LE. Besides, you can pair it to your Windows PC right out of the box when you enable swift pair.

v). Your go-anywhere mouse

The device is a go-to mouse. The compact, modern design fits comfortably in your hand.

Technical Specifications

1. Interface

The interface is well-organized as it has Bluetooth 4.0/4.1 and considers Bluetooth low energy. Besides, it has a clutter-free and reliable experience as it utilizes the latest Bluetooth technology.

2. Operating system

Microsoft Bluetooth mobile mouse 3600 review recommends mouse and keyboard center software installed on a PC. It should meet all the Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, or 8. It also requires 50 MB of space on the hard disk.

Mac OS x v10.10.3 / 10.10.4 is suitable. Microsoft mobile mouse 3600 OS required Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) and Android 5.0 (Lollipop).

3. Wireless range

Microsoft Bluetooth mobile mouse has 32 feet which are 10 meters range in the open air. It needs up to 16 feet which is 5 meters in an office or typical environment.

4. Wireless platform

It uses Bluetooth Low Energy platform to connect successfully.

5. Wireless frequency

Microsoft Bluetooth mobile mouse uses a 2.4 GHz frequency range.

6. Battery type and quantity

It uses a 1 AA alkaline battery, which is already included.

What Are the Features to look for in a Wireless Mouse?


When shopping for a go-to mouse, evaluate and pay attention to comfort. Comfort usually varies based on hand size and grip type. With a Microsoft go-to mouse, you are assured of comfort while using it since its design fits comfortably in your hand for precise scrolling and navigation.


Bluetooth is vital since most laptops have only USB-C ports nowadays; however, a 2.4 GHz USB wireless receiver is great. It can be easier to install and offer a more stable connection in some environments. In addition, the connection should not cut out across short distances. So if your Microsoft mouse has a 2.4 GHz USB wireless receiver (dongle), it should be unobtrusive, and your mouse needs a cavity to store it.


A mouse’s sensor should be in a position to register motion properly and accurately; the pointer should not stop or jump around your screen. Besides, the sensor should also work on different surfaces, mainly desks, soft and hard mouse pads, fabric and wood and still manage a smooth tracking.

Useful software

Wireless mice feature bundled software to help track battery life and customize buttons, acceleration, sensitivity, scroll and tracking speed, and more. Unfortunately, most people usually don’t use the wireless mouse software, though it is a great bonus.


Each wireless mouse should have the standard right-click and left-click buttons, and most people use the back and forward buttons, too; therefore, we looked for a mouse with at least two side buttons. We also considered button placement and whether the buttons felt awkward when used.

Battery life

The best wireless mouse should last several years n replaceable batteries or some months on a charge at the very least. Battery life usually degrades over time; therefore, the more a mouse starts with, the better.

Final Thoughts 

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 review explains almost every mouse aspect until now. Therefore, you must try this mouse and experience using it while traveling. Besides, Microsoft Bluetooth mobile mouse 3600 can bear a tough time due to its compact design.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse

1. How to connect Microsoft Bluetooth mouse?

To turn on your Microsoft mouse, press the Bluetooth button on your mouse’s bottom. Then, please press the button again to turn it off when not in use. Conversely, when pairing the mouse with Bluetooth, turn on the mouse and follow the guidelines to pair it to your laptop.

Press and hold the pair button on the mouse’s bottom until the LED light starts to flash; it will take about 5 seconds.Select Connect if a notification appears for your mouse on your Windows laptop, then give it time to set up.If you don’t get the notification, go to Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth and other devices > Add Bluetooth or other devices> Bluetooth > Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse >Done.

Once the desktop mouse is paired, the LED light will stop flashing. However, the light will remain on until you turn off the mouse.

2. Is a Bluetooth mouse different from a wireless mouse?

A wireless mouse usually comes in two varieties: Bluetooth and radio-frequency (RF). The main difference between a wireless (RF) mouse and a Bluetooth mouse is that RF mice require a USB dongle to connect. Conversely, a Bluetooth mouse uses a transmitter that communicates and connects with the Bluetooth receiver built into your laptop.

A Bluetooth mouse is the best option if total convenience is your aim. You don’t need a USB port to use it; just a laptop with a Bluetooth receiver. Also, a Bluetooth mouse Microsoft is easily moved from one device to another if you have several computers but only want to purchase and use a single mouse. This convenience usually gets better since battery life for Bluetooth mice runs for about a year or two. However, it may vary based on user and computer conditions.

3. Why is my go-to mouse not connecting?

Restart the wireless Bluetooth mouse, then;

Go to search on your PC, type control panel, and click the Control Panel.Go to Hardware and Sound and click Bluetooth Devices.Select Bluetooth mouse and then choose Remove.Click Add, reset your device, select the My device set up and ready to be found check box, and click Next.If the device is not found, we recommend restarting it again. When the device is found, please select it and click Next.Follow the installation guidelines in the wizard.

Note: Ensure the device is turned on and properly connected to the laptop and batteries don’t require replacement. Also, ensure your device is discoverable. Moreover, check if you installed the device using the right program; otherwise, reinstall it and install it properly.

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