How To Use Ps3 Controller On Pc For Ultimate Gaming

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A popular question we get every now and then is why we like the ps3 controller. There are more refined controllers such as the Xbox controller and DualShock 4. The PlayStation 3 has pressure-sensitive analog buttons. This feature is unique because recent controller pads like the DualShock 4 do not have this capability. Follow along to learn how to use ps3 controller on pc.

Why Should You Use A ps3 Controller On Pc

As a person who is in pc gaming, you are definitely familiar with how to connect and use your controller on pc. However, using the mouse and keyboard gets tiring on your hands. Therefore, we will discuss extensively on how to connect and use your controller with and without a Bluetooth dongle so that you can access and game on Steam.

The ps3 controller can be hectic to connect and plug into your pc. However, we advise you to bear with us, and we will tell you why it is an excellent idea to use a ps3 controller on pc. The ps3 controller has a built-in accelerometer with the capability of detecting motion and pressure on the analog face buttons.

The ps3 controller can be connected to run on windows vista, windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10, as well as a Mac operating system. If you simply prefer the ps3 controller over recent models, that’s okay. The pressure-sensitive buttons are the best to use paying emulated ps2 games in the pcsx2 emulator.

You need an open-source tool known as the Scp toolkit and a USB cable to get the ps3 controller running. Ensure that you plug your USB cable into a USB port in your computer.

How To Connect A PS3 controller To A PC

1) Find Microsoft packages like Microsoft. NET framework4.5, Microsoft DirectX runtime and the ScpToolkit. Download and install this software. If you have windows 7 on your computer or Pc, you will have to install the Xbox 360 controller driver. Have your Bluetooth dongle plugged in order to use your controller wirelessly.

2) Install Bluetooth driver if you do not have the Bluetooth dongle. Using a mini USB cable, plug in your DualShock 3 into your PC. Install the SCP toolkit and prompt it to start the download and installation process to your device.

After a few seconds, the installation should be complete. You should see a big green button. Next, click on the button that says run driver installer.

3) A screen pop-ups that will look a little scary. All you want to do is check off the drivers that you would like to install. By default, the DualShock 3 driver should be checked off. Click the arrow next to the ” choose DualShock 3 controllers to install”. There should be a drop-down menu of USB devices that are connected to your Bluetooth device.

4) It is important to ensure that you find the ps3 controller and check it. Do not forget to check’ install Bluetooth driver’ as well. Then, check ‘choose Bluetooth dongles to install.’ If you are using windows vista, check ‘force driver installation.’ After you have checked all the drivers, click ‘install’ from your system tray.

5) Almost instantly, many windows pop up on your screen as the drivers begin installing. As the installation process continues, your computer will automatically download DualShock 3 usb installed. It will also download Bluetooth driver installed. Click on the ‘Exit’ option after the installation process is complete.

6) The Scp should show up in your system tray as an icon. Go to the Start menu of the Scptoolkit settings manager. You should be able to easily change the settings to customize your experience, such as adjusting analog stick dead zones.

7) When using the emulator with your PlayStation controller, click on the pcsx2 installation folder and click on ‘enable’ to install. The controller already has all the drivers installed. At this point, you should be able to use your controller to play games on your PC. Now that you have successfully installed all the necessary drivers, you can fine-tune it and program files.

8) The SCP toolkit driver installer does not get installed by default. However, you should modify your installation to get the latest version. In addition, you can customize how the controller’s buttons work. You can also map out the keyboard commands while you do this.

9) Tap on the SCP toolkit folder in the startup settings and adjust the LED display, controller latency and thumbstick sensitivity. This will offer a better playing experience and allow you to play wirelessly for long periods of time.

The start menu should also allow you to access more advanced options. Remember to always download the latest version of the SCP toolkit driver installer.

How To Use ps3 Controller On Pc

a) Third Party Driver

When using your ps3 controller or Xbox controller on pc, you need a third-party driver like the one we have discussed above. The SCP driver is able to support your pc, and using Bluetooth; it can run wirelessly. You can choose Bluetooth dongles or use the motherboard in-built Bluetooth feature on your pc. However, you could use a mini USB cable if it lacks this feature.

The mini USB will help you play games using your ps3 gamepad. However, if you do have the Xbox 360 controller driver, installing the driver from Microsoft should be simple enough. Afterward, it will show up in the windows device manager found in the control panel. Finally, you will need to purchase the wireless adapter to connect the Xbox 360 controller to your pc.

Sometimes, the driver installation fails to work after the run driver installer button has been completed. In this case, the best thing to do would be to use the driver signature enforcement. How to do this is to click on the drop-down menu on the power button and press the shift key. Then, slowly click on the restart button on the menu.

b) Troubleshoot

Go to the troubleshoot selection and click on advanced options. Going further, click on the advanced startup and finally select the disabled driver signature enforcement. Access the startup settings and then press the F7 key to boot the reboot your desktop.

Your device will have its power source down and turn back on. Once this is done, install DualShock 3 driver once more.

d) Pairing

When choosing to use your controller wirelessly, click on the Bluetooth pair option and tap ‘pair.’ Choose the controller device and enable Bluetooth. The controller will pair with your Bluetooth adapter. This will let you play without using the USB cable. However, if you want to play with the USB, you need to plug in your Bluetooth dongle.

How do you really use your ps3 gamepad on pc after you have paired it via Bluetooth or used the USB? First, you need to understand that after you install DualShock 3 driver, it will behave like the Xbox 360 controller. Any game with native Xln support should recognize when you use a ps3 controller. Steam has native support for the controller as well.

Once you open Steam, it will instantly switch windows to big picture mode. This means that you can connect your computer to the Tv, and the game will run from the Tv screen. Once you are done playing, you can power down the ps3 controller by long-pressing the PS button found at the center of the controller.

To opt-out of big picture mode, simply press ALT + ENTER on your windows keyboard.

e) Game Settings

You might come across a hitch when using your controller. This could be in the form of the buttons not performing their intended functions. These are the square, cross, triangle and circle buttons. This occurs because your controller isn’t seen as a PlayStation gamepad by modern PCs. You, therefore, have to go through the actual game settings to fix this problem.

f) Connecting To A Mac

You may be wondering how to connect your ps3 controller to a mac. If you purchased and own a PC of any kind, you know that there are so many drivers that you have to install. This makes it easier connecting reader-supported devices with the DualShock 3.

All the drivers are present within the OS. Unplug the ps3 from its power source and reset it by placing a paperclip into the hole under the L2 button.

Open the Apple menu and tap on ‘Select preferences’ then ‘Bluetooth.’ Turn on Bluetooth from the windows. Secure your ps3 controller to the Mac with the use of a USB cable. Turn on the controller by pressing on the PS button for a couple of seconds. The red light should start flashing. Disconnect the controller from your Mac. Disconnect and reconnect Bluetooth once more.

Additionally, with the ps3 controller, you have the option of adding more button functions. Using ‘Reward,’ you can use activators such as single, double, triple and long-press mappings to a single key. Configure four shift layers which can be pressed, held and toggled.

Activate it with a shift modifier. You can also create shortcuts by executing a mapping when 2-4 buttons are pressed.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

i) How Do I Connect Two Controllers At The Same Time?

It is not possible to connect two ps3 controllers using one Bluetooth dongle. This is because only one dongle can be connected at a time and, of course, connects to one controller. However, You can plug one controller using a USB and secure the other using the dongle. You could also use two cables to reconnect the two controllers to your PC.

ii) How Do I Pair My Ps3 Controller To My PC Without Any Special Software?

With the use of a mini cable, plug the Dualshock 3 into your pc. Insert in your Bluetooth dongle to your computer if it does not have in-built Bluetooth support. Install the SCP toolkit and run it. Ensure to allow all the prompts making sure that the program downloads without any problems. Make sure it downloads all the other files as well and let them run.

iii) Why Isn’t My Ps3 Controller Connecting To My PC?

Your ps3 controller is probably undergoing connectivity issues. As such, one of the things that you can do to restore connectivity is to reset your ps3 controller. You can do this by looking for the small button that is behind your computer. After you find this button, switch off your ps3 and switch it on again. After that, it should be able to reconnect much more easily.

iv) What Should I Do If My Ps3 Controller Is Only Recognized By Bluetooth But Not USB?

It could simply be that the cable you are using is faulty or, even worse, is simply not compatible with your pc. There are cables that are specifically for charging. If this problem persists, the best thing would be to purchase an entirely new cable. It should help if you tried to keep in mind to get one that is data transfer compatible rather than to opt-out completely.

v) Can I Use Bluetooth With Other Devices While My Ps3 Controller Is In Use?

No, you cannot use Bluetooth with other devices while your ps3 gamepad is in use. This is because the controller will stop functioning as it can only support one device at a time. Nevertheless, you can uninstall the SCP and all the other necessary drivers that are required.

Additionally, you will have to uninstall all other drivers that work with the gamepad from your windows.

The Bottom Line

The PlayStation 3 controller is one of the best gamepads to be created. We say this because it has pressure-sensitive analog face buttons. Other recent gamepad models do not have this incredible feature. Install the required drivers to your windows and click on the bin folder to access files.

If you do have this controller, it is in your best interest to tweak it a little and have fun.

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