How To Evolve Applin In Pokémon Sword and Shield

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Pokemon introduces the eighth generation, which has a Britain-themed Pokemon sword and shield games for the Nintendo Switch. And just like the previous games, this 18th generation presents players evolving Pokemon in recent and creative ways that are beyond just leveling up. This article covers precisely how to evolve Applin into Appletun or Flapple and capture Applin in Sword and Shield.


Applin is a grass or dragon-type Pokemon that never capitalize on the typings. Other Pokemon like Magikarp and Wurmple can learn many moves while Applin cannot. Applin can only learn to astonish and Withdraw until it evolves through leveling. The only TM move it can be taught and make is Attack.

There is a huge chance that you could teach Applin some moves like Grassy Glide or Draco Meteor through Move Tutor. Applin also can instantly evolve into two evolutions: Flapple and Appletun. The two Pokemon evolutions vary greatly, and the player needs to know which one is best for them before selecting either flapple or appletun.


Flapple is the more vicious or offensive evolution of Applin. It is virtually a turtle with an apple pie for a shell. To acquire a Flapple, the player requires to evolve the Applin with Tart Apple, which is exclusive to Pokemon Sword.

Flapple or appletun shines as an attacker in the battle, and it also has a high special attack. Unlike Applin, it learns great physical moves like Grass-type move Grav Apple. It also can learn great steel and flying moves that will help with its moves. It also has a Gigantamax form, identical to Appletun’s Gigantamax form.

How to evolve Applin into flapple or appletun

If you wonder how to evolve Applin in pokémon sword and shield, you don’t need to worry anymore. Applin is not the most apparent Pokemon, but there are not that hard to find. You can easily capture them on route 5 in surprise meetings or the Dusty Bowl in the Wild Area during the Giant Mirror or sunny weather and Stony Wilderness during storms. Of course, you will want to evolve them right away.

First, you will need to find special objects that can evolve into Flapple or appletun. Evolving Applin demands that you have either a Sweet Apple /Pokémon Shield or Tart /Pokémon Sword. The Apple tart will develop Applin into flapple, and the Sweet Apple will develop Applin into appletun, depending on your version of the game.

Interestingly, Appletun is exclusive to Pokémon Shield, and Flapple is exclusive to Pokémon Sword. Nevertheless, while using the best gaming PC, a player can swap Pokemon between players to have both in your game. So, for example, getting Apple Pie and Sweet Apple is the same in both games.

After the third gym battle, when you get to Hammerlock, the player will go down the ramp and then go to the area with the Poke Mart. Using your gaming mouse, you can turn left and move to a large arch with a coach near the grass, and the area will be immediately after crossing a wooden bridge. To know you are on the right track, you will see a man wearing a red jacket with brown hair just before crossing the drawbridge.

Ensure that you have an Applin on your team, then talk to the man until you see the ‘I don’t have speech option. Then, you can give the man Your Applin, and you don’t have to worry because you will get it back after watching the cutscene. Also, he will give you an extra present; in the Pokemon shield, he will give you a sweet apple, and in the Pokemon sword, he will give you a tart apple.

Counting on the game version you are playing, you will receive either the Sweet or Tart item. Whatever apple you receive, you will use it on your Applin to begin their evolution. As we mentioned earlier, if you give a sweet item, it will become Applin into appletun, and if you give Tart Item, it will become Applin into Flapple.

You can easily find another apple once you can unlock the ability to ride the bike on water. Go back to the first section of the wild area you ventured into and see the area called Axew’s Eye. It is a lake with an island in the middle. Head to the island, and underneath the tree, you will find another Tart or Sweet Apple, counting on the version of the game you are playing.

Where to Find Sweet and Tart Apple to Evolve Applin

There are different ways to find the Sweet and Tart Apple. One is from the NPC on the westside of  Hammerlocke, and the second one is as a bonus from the Battle Cafes in Motostoke, Wyndon, and  Hammerlocke. The third one is underneath a tree in the Wild area.

You can secure a Sweet or Tart apple at the first location in  Hammerlocke. Next, you will need to head to the west side exit inside the city of Hammerlocke, which will lead you to Route 6. Then you will find a man at the exit requesting your Applin. You must give him your Applin, and he will give it back with either a Tart or Sweet Apple pie.

Then when you upgrade the Rotom Bike and ride on water, you will head to Axew’s in the Wild Area. It is usually a small island between the Motostoke entrance and the Meetup Point Train Stop Entrance. You will find a tree; beneath it, there is an item depending n the version you’re playing.

Also, there are fancy apples or a curry ingredient in the Wild Area, where you will find an item constantly. For example, you will find a Sweet / Pokemon Shield or Tart / Pokemon Sword, depending on the game version you are playing. And because items Respawn in the Wild area every day, you will be able to find and grow Applin into flapple or appletun using this method.

How To Catch Applin in Pokémon Sword and Shield

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As stated earlier, Applin will not just appear in the overworld like in most games. Let’s look at how to catch Applin on a gamimg Pc and its locations:

1. Applin Locations

Applin can be found lurking in the grass as a random encounter in most cases. Nevertheless, you will not find them wandering around in the overworld. Instead, you have a better chance of locating them during certain weather conditions like Stony WildernessThunderstorm, Giant’s MirrorThunderstorm, and Dusty BowlSunny.

However, you should know that Applin can be encountered in a Max Raid Battle as a typical Spawn at the Axew’s Eye part.

2. Catching

When you find Applin, you will have a few options at your disposal. Your best chance of catching Applin without the risk of fainting is throwing a quick ball on the first turn. Use a Level Ball if your Pokemon out levels Applin by an amazing amount or a repeat Ball if you have already caught one before.

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