Best PC Gaming Controller to Increase Precision and Agility

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PC gaming has evolved over the years. However, the one thing that never changed is the passion in the quest for the best way to enjoy gaming. New consoles are released every other time, and the audiovisual experience is pushed to the limit every time. The one sense that confirms our reality is the sense of touch, which is perhaps the most important of the senses. Enter the controller. The best pc gaming controller takes the gaming world and places it in your hand to conquer.

What is a PC Gaming Controller

PC gaming offers great frame rates, better graphics, a higher field of vision, and the ability to upgrade when the need arises. You can imagine just how satisfying it could be to have the ability to use the full potential of these features. A PC controller lets you do exactly that; the power to input a device and manipulate the game with more commands and agility than a keyboard and mouse could ever give you. Now that we know that you can have all the power in one device, let us look at the best PC game controllers to choose from to get on with a new level of gaming.

What is a PC Gaming Controller

1.Sony Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller – Best Overall


6,367 Reviews

DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 – Jet Black [Old Model]
Precision Controller for PlayStation 4: The feel, shape, and sensitivity of the…Sharing at your Fingertips: The addition of the Share button makes sharing your…New ways to Play: Revolutionary features like the touch pad, integrated light…Charge Efficiently: The DualShock 4 Wireless Controller can easily be recharged…

Okay, we are in for a serious controller here. Sony Dualshock is the number one seller in most stores, and for a reason. The controller is beginner-friendly when delivering pro-like precision for use by seasoned veterans. In addition, the controller works just as efficiently with wireless connectivity just as well, and even better than a wired controller would.

The pc controller is the best thing that can happen to a pc gamer who values high standards and comfort while gaming. Playing pc games will never feel the same again once you put your hands on one of the Sony controllers. The controller has dual analog sticks that ensure maximum use of zones that would otherwise be dead. In addition, the controller has trigger buttons that provide a greater sense of control for agility while playing.

Nothing beats the experience of having a great controller in your hands and being able to hear the action as it happens right in your ears in real-time. The wireless controller has a stereo headset jack with in-built speakers for the ultimate gaming experience. The controller charges using a standard USB cable and has long-lasting battery life.

The pc controller has a multitouch and clickable touchpad, making it the best pc controller for interaction and technological advancement.


Easy to use.

Sony DualShock 4 has good reviews.

Long-lasting battery.

Wireless pc controllers.

Best pc controller for sound effects.

Headphone jack.

Multitouch and clickable touchpad.

Dual analog sticks for reduced dead zones.

Lightweight pc game controller.

Rechargeable battery wireless controllers.


Cables are sold separately.

2. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

No products found.

Okay, we are about to talk about the greatest pc controller there is for pc games. Nintendo controller takes gaming up a notch with features that are unrivaled by other controllers. Nintendo has the best pc controllers with the HD rumble and inbuilt Amiibo functionality that is rear to find.

Nintendo switch pro gets used with the Switch whether it is undocked or docked. The circuit detail is on the front for an in-depth understanding of the pc controller. In addition, Nintendo has motion controls with sturdy material on hand grips.

The controller can charge using a USB A or a USB C cable, which are largely available. You definitely want to use the controller for classic games like the legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Smash Bros, and other games.


Popular among gamers.

Inbuilt Amiibo.

Includes charging cable.


Great for classics.


HD rumble.

USB A or USB C connection.


No headphone jack.

3. PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller


24,990 Reviews

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox One – Black
Advanced gaming buttons with dual rumble motorsNew familiar form factorOfficially licensed for Xbox One3.5 millimeter stereo headset jack and a removable 9.8 feet (3 meter) USB cable

How does having dual rumble motors on a controller sound like? Dope, right? PowerA is a wired controller for Xbox built with ergonomics like will find in no other controller out in the market. The gamepad is not just a standard Xbox controller because of the features that give your total control of the gaming world you are exploring.

PowerA features two mappable gaming buttons on the back. The controller has a headphone jack for a better gaming experience. The pc controller has two analog sticks to get rid of dead zones for more control and response. To make the pad more interesting, the controller has a plus-shaped D-pad for good looks and functionality.

PowerA Xbox gamepad is licensed as an Xbox one controller and works for Xbox series x/s. The eight-way pad gives the best response for pc gamers, making the game more exciting and competitive. A PC gamer will tell you how much the feel of the gamepad matters. The controller is matte black with a soft feel that gives the player enough comfort in fighting games that have high stakes. The gaming pad has advanced gaming controls.


The 8-way plus-shaped directional pad.

Two analog sticks to get rid of dead zones.


Detachable USB cable.

Licensed Xbox gaming hardware.

Soft-touch finish.

Dual rumble motors.

Rigorous testing by Microsoft.

2-year limited warranty.

Stereo headset.

3 meter long USB cable.

Detachable cable.



4. Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller

9,314 Reviews

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller for Windows & Xbox 360 Console
Play in comfort – A compact, ergonomic shape lets you play comfortably for hours…Vibration feedback gives you a riveting gaming experiencePrecise thumb sticks, two pressure-point triggers and an 8-way directional pad…Connectivity: Powered USB port

A gaming pc deserves an even better control for an immersive experience. Microsoft has it figured out with their Xbox-style controller. Precision is the key, and Xbox has thumbsticks with two pressure-point triggers for high action. The official Microsoft Xbox controller is the most honest investment you can make for yourself. The 8-way pad gives you maximum control to navigate any game comfortably.

The pc gamepad has a thin cord that gives the sensation of wireless control. The pc gamer controller has a RAM of 128 MBs and a 10 MB hard disk space.


Best controllers for PC or the Xbox 360.

Expandable space.

8-way pad.

High precision.

Two pressure-point triggers.

Thin, lightweight cords.



5. Xbox 0ne Elite Series Controller

6,795 Reviews

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller
Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is the World’s Most Advanced ControllerGet pro level precision, an arsenal of swappable components, Hair trigger locks,…Achieve greater control with interchangeable paddles and rubberized diamond gripThis product includes: An Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, a carrying case, a set…

When you hear the name Xbox, you know something good is about to be said. Xbox has, for the longest time, pushed to the gaming limits to unbelievable horizons. The best part is that they managed to keep the A game in console gaming and, at the same time, never forgot about PC gaming.

Xbox elite wireless controller gives you pro-level precision with a collection of swappable components with all the customization you can think of. Now that is real control. The hair-trigger lock and easy-to-use apps make the controller do more than send commands.

The diamond grip is made of rubber to reduce slippage during a high-pressure situation. Xbox series offers control with interchangeable paddles for more control for both left and right-handed gamers. The Xbox wireless controller is easy to set up and get the games going. When in doubt, you will have a user manual to guide you.

The Xbox wireless controller is built to fit right in your hands. You do not need any tools to interchange the paddles. The Xbox one controller has reinforced rings that reduce wear and provide smooth action.


The Xbox one controller is customizable.

Compatible with Windows 10.

Easy to set up pc controllers.

Rubberized diamond grip.

Pro-level precision Xbox controller.

Hair-trigger locks for faster firing and time saving.

Rumble motors.

Rechargeable battery.


The charge kit is sold separately.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a PC Controller

a) Wired Vs. Wireless

Wired PC controllers give you the liberty to sit anywhere in the room from a distance that you like. For example, some wireless original Xbox controllers allow you to sit a couple of feet away without worrying about losing connectivity. A wired console can have a long cable of up to three meters, which is okay for any home living room.

The downside of a wireless controller is that it can lag when connectivity has a problem. Bluetooth can sometimes lag depending on the strength of the PC. The connectivity issues can be a bummer when it takes place right in the middle of a game. Also, the wireless Xbox controller or any other controller might be a bit heavy because a battery is installed inside the gamepad.

A wireless controller has to be recharged every other time when power runs out to keep playing. So you need the right USB to adapt the controller to a power source.

On the other hand, a wired controller has a problem with tethering gamers to one position in the room, considering the cables that run through the room.

b) Compatibility

You might be in love with a gaming controller. However, the big question is whether the controller is compatible with your PC. Some gamepads are made specifically for consoles and not the PC, making it impossible for other uses other than gaming consoles. The best controller will not need many other accessories to control on a PC except a simple USB cable or Bluetooth connectivity.

Check for compatibility between the pad and PC before making a purchase to avoid any challenges that may include having to return a pad.

c) Battery

Most wired controllers do not need batteries since they are wired or connected via USB. Wireless controllers, on the other hand, will require batteries for functionality. Therefore, some controllers will use removable batteries, while others will use rechargeable batteries.

Be careful while charging your console and avoid overcharging to reduce the chances of damaging the batteries. Also, be aware that batteries lives reduce over time and will be generally shorter than when you first got them.

Removable batteries should not be reused once drained. Reusing might mess up the electronics in your controller over time. You need to carefully dispose of the batteries to prevent any accidents or contamination. Kids or pets can play with batteries that are not well disposed of, leading to poisoning.

d) Range

The plan is not to get you to stick your face right in front of the screen. Gamers play for long hours, especially if they are in a tournament. You need to be safe from the screen to protect your eyes from damage by the light coming from the screen. Wireless pads give you a good range because they are not tethered to the screen or the console. You can comfortably sit away from your PC or screen without worrying about what is in between.

Sitting too far away from the PC for a wireless controller might lead to sight connectivity issues. However, it is rare to run into connectivity issues since you are not planning to sit a mile away from your PC.

e) Number of Buttons

The more buttons you have on the pad, the more functions and actions you can assign to the controller. You need to be able to compete favorably.

f) Flexibility

You need to play pc games using a console controller if the gamepad is flexible enough. If you have an Xbox one gamepad, PlayStation 4, or a Switch pro-standard controller, then you are in luck because they can be used on a pc. The Xbox Elite controller is compatible with any Windows 10 pc for fighting or racing games and any other games that come to mind. All you need to do is plug the Xbox one elite series or any other Xbox controllers into the USB port and get going.

You can use wireless controllers on a PC, including the Microsoft Xbox wireless controller, via USB. A good gamepad will save you some cash in the long run if you can use it both on a PC and a gaming console.

g) Audio Jack

There is no better way to complete the gaming experience than with a physical manifestation of every gameplay you make. An audio jack gives you the chance to plug in your 7.1 surround sound for a full immersion into the gaming world for a near virtual reality experience. The best pc controller will offer a stereo jack for anyone who might want a complete experience of the gaming world.

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