Best CryptoCurrencies That Will Reshape The Gaming Industry

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It really is no big secret that blockchain technology is already changing the world. It has decentralized everything, created all new incentives, greatly enhanced security, and established better financial channels. With that being said, most individuals still have not recognized the impact that it is having on the gaming industry. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or just the occasional player, it is imperative to know a little bit about the ICOs that could change the way you are gaming. Below, you will discover some more about these ICOs and some of the changes that the companies behind them are going to make in the industry.


NITRO Token is one of the most interesting gaming ICO’s. This ICO is designed to achieve two goals. It wants to completely change the way cryptocurrency is used and it was to integrate these currencies into the gaming industry. NITRO will create a unique video game economy and revolutionize the industry. This will recruit stakeholders from around the world, while also giving developers the ability to be far better recognized.

This ICO was created by Gerald Tock, Jason Giambona, Philip Lord, and Kin-Wai Lau. It is also being pushed by some of the industry’s biggest names, including Larry Gan, Hans De Back and Sreda. The team aims to create an enhanced ecosystem that will prove to be equally beneficial to everyone in the gaming industry. This includes developers and games alike.


Refereum is a new cryptocurrency, which intends to change marketing and engagement for the gaming industry. Unlike many of the alternatives, Refereum has already managed to team up with some big partners, including Twitch and Unity. The leader, Dylan Jones, wants to shake up the industry. This technology will give consumers the ability to purchase video games with Refereum. Developers will be able to generate more attention and traffic by rewarding their users with this cryptocurrency.

Developers will have the confidence needed to take their games to a whole new level. And, they’ll be able to distribute it wider than ever before, because they’ll know that they’re going to earn their money back in the long run. More important, Refereum has gone above and beyond to secure their technology. After all, they’re teamed up with Ambisafe to ensure that the technology is uncrackable.


Playkey, founded by Egor Gurjev, Vadim Andreev and Alexey Lykov, is known for how it steps in to help players who have experienced poor gaming. In fact, the company has reported successfully helping approximately 81 percent of these players.

Playkey tokens are available to anyone who wants to protect their cryptocurrency investments, when paying for games. Playkey customers are ensured that they can make secure payments and pay high-quality games, regardless of the gaming hardware.

In 2013, Playkey joined the video streaming industry. The focused developing a variety of decentralized systems, which support Nvidia GTX graphics card-based video cards. Rumor has it that the company will release a final version of its decentralized gaming platform by the end of 2019.


FLUX GAMING wants to really decentralize the gaming industry, as they are not only giving the developers access to blockchain technology, but they are giving players access to the technology as well. This mean that players will not only be able to win more money, but they can trade in-game items for real cash and compete for real cash. In addition to this, they can make sound financial investments into certain games as well.

Of course, there is going to be somewhat of a commission for the developers, as the players make these transactions, but this doesn’t mean that investors can’t take advantage of crowd funding. The developers have even promised to go as far as sharing their profits with their co-investors as the game’s population and popularity grows.

Alexandr Sushko is the creator of FLUX GAMING and he has over seven years of experience in business management and development scenarios. This gives him a truly unique perspective on the business world. When you combine these accolades with the seventeen years of software development experience by the current VP of FLUX GAMING, you are truly looking at a team with the potential to make huge changes in the industry. In fact, they have already established their foothold on the ICO market in the summer of 2016 and their company has showed steady growth ever since.


Online gambling does currently have some serious problems and JOY Token ERC is one company that wants to utilize blockchain technology to solve three of those major problems. It wants to increase the trust between the players and the casino, do away with high gaming costs, and reduce high-risk launches. If the system is implemented and works successfully, not only with the gamers benefit from this, but the casinos could stand to benefit as well.

By establishing well drawn out contracts with blockchain technology it will be easier to establish the trust that is needed to make the market flourish. In addition to this, it could potentially do away with cheating, which is something that casinos are seeing a lot of these days.


If you’re interested in getting into Ethereum and ICOs, you’ll definitely want to check out this option from NEVERDIDE. The entire idea is to give gamers and developers the ability to create equally beneficial partnerships with one another. Developers have the option of coding videogames in decentralized smart contracts. Then, players will actually be given the opportunity to win tokens when they’re able to accomplish things within the game.

Gamers will also be assigned a virtual wallet. This will ensure that they’re protected from fraudulent transactions. Jon Neverdie Jacobs is currently in charge of the ICO. He is working with an advisor, Richard Lord British Garriot. The team is destined to make a gaming platform based on Ethereum.


It is no huge secret that there are several problems within the eSports gaming industry. And one of these many problems is the fact that the market is simply not secure. Top teams and players have reported problem after problem with not receiving prize money, as well as dealing with other frauds. This is where The DreamTeam ICO Company looks to make major changes. They plan on doing exactly this by taking advantage of blockchain technology. In fact, the company has already established itself in the industry and there have been quite a few improvements already.

The CEO and founder of DreamTeam have an impressive seventeen years of experience in the eSports market. He plans on working in conjunction with Volodymyr Panchenko and introduce their first money payout in the second quarter of 2019.

This year alone the duo has managed to launch a test network that offers smart contracts and supports recruitment tools. You can always check out the company’s official website to learn more about their accomplishments and advancements.


ALAX is a unique company, as they have taken the blockchain technology and focused on the mobile gaming platform. Their concept is to bring gaming to every individual that has a smartphone and cash, regardless of their banking situation. ALAX truly wants to utilize this blockchain technology to make everything financially easier when it comes to mobile games. The transactions will be easier, the wide distribution of games will be easier and more readily available. Plus, making payments will be easier than ever imagined. The company already has the mobile gaming giant, Dragonfly onboard and they are currently speaking to other distributors and developers.

The CEOs of Dragonfly together have over seven years of experience in dealing with and handling cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and blockchain. This puts them way ahead of the game and on the perfect path for success. Their main objective is to have the ALAX store up and running by the first business quarter of 2019.


BitGuild is designed to benefit gamers more than anyone else. Nevertheless, developers will receive massive benefits as well. BitGuild will give gamers the ability to trade items across games. The blockchain system will also help developers, because it is safer and cheaper than many of the alternatives.

Founded in 2017, BitGuild has really developed very quickly. The team plans to launch several games in the near future.


TriForce Tokens, founded by Pete Mardell and Jacob Ashby, has a variety of gaming platforms that provide players with one-on-one trading opportunities. These unique and diverse platforms rely on block-chain technology for generating and converting cryptocurrency into cash.

Hoping one day to be able to offer players the best gaming experience ever, TriForce Tokens LTD continues to work on improving its gaming platforms. Mardell and Ashby are totally dedicated to online gamers and will not stop until they build a gaming platform empire.


IQeon strives to create a very effective decentralized player-versus-player platform, which is based around the blockchain technology. They believe that their technology will prove to be beneficial for developers and users. Players will actually be able to monetize their games. When they’re achieved certain things inside of the game, they’ll be able to earn money. Plus, the blockchain and smart contracts will ensure that users are protected.

IQeon also ensures that developers will be able to encourage more gamers to take a look at their offerings. The concept was first developers in 2016. It has shown dramatic improvements ever since. At this point in time, players can find download and play several games with IQeon. The ICO is run by CEO Vadim Dovguchits, Igor Podlensy and many others.It will definitely be interesting to see how far they can go.


The Game Machine platform consists of eight games, all of which feature in-game purchase options. The company utilizes the block-chain ecosystem to develop and update all of its games to ensure they are operating efficiently around the clock and are of the highest quality.

Taras Dovgal established Game Machine in March 2017. For the first five years, Dovgal and his team worked on developing unique games with in-game purchase options.


Fishbank is one of the most unique ICOs of all. It is a game, which is completely designed around the blockchain technology. It offers P2P and PVP competitions. As the name suggests, the game is all about fishes. The economy of the game is completely based on Ethereum smart contracts. Users are responsible for caring for a fish. You can also buy and trade with other players. Believe it or not, the game offers a little combat as well. You can make your fishes go to battle with others. In return, you’ll be able to earn rewards. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to advance to the top of the Ethereum food chain.


CRYCASH has definitely gained hype over the past few months. This unique technology is engineered to provide consumers with the opportunity to make money for their in-game adventures. Game developers will also benefit from this technology. It gives them the chance to incorporate this unique cryptocurrency into their gaming systems. Suffice to say, the ecosystem is created to ensure that more money is generated by gamers and developers.

They have even taken the time to develop a new app, the Plink App. It is a communicative app that helps gamers monetize their gaming experience. It gives users the ability to quickly see who is currently online and their friends are up to. CRYCRASH is headed by Wachtang Budagaschwili, who just happens to be CEO.

It first kicked off during quarter one of 2017. WARFACE was released approximately one year later. Since then, it has been confirmed that the API will be integrated into ten or more games and will reach more than ten million players from all around the world.


DMarket is a very unique ICO that wants to completely revolutionize the gaming industry. And, they want to achieve that goal by adding blockchain technology to the equation. The CEO and founder of DMarket is Vlad Panchenko. Panchenko has the desire to solve some of gaming’s biggest problems by created a much safer, more reliable and more convenient economy for gamers and developers alike.

DMarket’s technology is very complex, but simple at heart. It wants to eliminate third parties from every gaming transaction. With this technology, gamers will actually be rewarded for their in-game efforts. They’ll receive real assets that can be sold or traded. They can even be transferred from one platform to another.


The Enjin Coin is a new cryptocurrency designed specifically for gaming. Enjin relies on a blockchain platform that is decentralized. This means safer trading, as well as more secure management and distribution of virtual items. Suffice to say, this will be equally beneficial for gamers and developers. Players will be able to earn money through the rewards system. This will ensure developers to provide their users with the most exciting content humanly possible.

The rewards system can actually be configured to provide players with Enjin coins when they’re done something great in the game. Then, the company can be used to purchase items in the game, buy other games or it can even be transferred into other currencies. Developers can rest assured knowing that the gamers will continue coming back time and time again.

Maxim Blagov is the founder and CEO of Enjin Coin. The entire objective for Blagov and Enjin Coin is to reduce the amount of fraudulent activities and fees plaguing the gaming industry.


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