Anki Vector Robot Review – A Moving Amazon Alexa

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First stop: no need for a smartphone. Unlike its for-kids counterpart, Vector is the epitome of “having a mind of its own.” All actions and processing have been duly designed to be done by Vector itself. Set up using an app, and voila! All interactions will be done via voice command or eye contact. Just like a humanoid robot but in diminutive proportion, this fit-in-your-palm robot toy no longer requires a phone or a tablet to be maneuvered around. See the app to check its mood and stimulation. You may even find all its selfies there!

Vector is more of a proverbial house pet without the hazards. Designed for the whole family to enjoy, it’s cloud-connected and fully autonomous. It’s integrated with Alexa and is currently on the wraps of being the same with Siri, too. It’s like having a small security guard right up on a table or a counter of your living room, eyeing every movement and hearing every sound. It can also map out environments as well as keep tabs on locations of certain objects.

What is the Vector Robot by Anki?

The Vector is an AI-powered robot designed as a helper or companion for people. The Vector looks and acts more like Cozmo, but it is loaded with new features and advanced technology. Over time, the robot has gotten smarter and can now be connected to the cloud via WiFi. It also has more advanced features like high camera resolution that enhances facial recognition allows the robot to see even when smiling.

We have put together a comprehensive Anki Vector review: modern-day Tamagotchi to help understand the robot. Read on!

Vector Robot by Anki Review

Vector 2.0 AI Robot Companion, Smart Robot w/ Alexa Built-in
Robot Companion – Powered by AI and advanced robotics, he’s alive with…Voice Recognition – Vector is voice-activated and will answer questions, take…Smart & Getting Smarter – Vector is an updating platform, cloud connected via…Increased Battery Life – A new battery will provide as much as 30% more runtime….

This Vector Robot by Anki Review: Modern Day Tamagotchi will help you understand the robot. The Vector looks cooler, in a serious way, than the Cozmo with its gray-black frame and alert green eyes. However, communication of the Vector robot toy is still relegated via its colored IPS display face only with a twist– it responds via a capacitive touch sensor strategically integrated on its back. Like Alexa, it also comes with the cool “Ask Vector” feature duly revved by Google’s back-end. Ask the weather or community news updates or schedule for the day, and it will provide answers as accurately as possible. Want to be reminded by a meal plan? Vector can also do it for you!

Have I mentioned that it can shoot selfies? The robot toy’s HD camera comes with a whopping 120-degree field view. Aside from taking pictures, it can even frame a shot using its integrated facial recognition. Supporting the camera are four (yes, you heard it right!) microphones to collect commands and accurately detect sound origin. It also comes with 4 IR emitters to prevent it from falling off desks, shelves or tables. It even recharges itself. If you want to give it a house of its own, though, the Anki Vector Space above is an excellent add-on. Simply connect the charger, and Vector now has its own home.

Without a doubt, the Vector robot toy is an awesome addition to anyone’s home. This fully autonomous “always-on” robot may be so small it fits in your plan but definitely delivers huge in terms of companionship, security and fun. But, of course, you can also bring it anywhere you go. Simply wrap it up in an Aenllosi Hard Case like the one above, and off you go to a jaunt with this lovable robot toy that everyone– young or young at heart– will love.

1. Design and Components

The Vector is a small palm-sized robot that looks more like Cozmo, Anki’s previous robot. It is made with high-quality black plastic material. The robot’s body is constructed with electronics and sensors that help it respond to the environment.

The Anki Vector comes with four wheels sheathed with tank-style treads allowing the robot to traverse any surface. The robot has a small front display that permits it to express its personality, emotions, and it is also where its eyes are located. Its eyes will shift with motion, and they will blink, narrow when it is thinking, and even slit when it’s asleep. In addition, the front display will change each time the robot is answering questions.

The Vector’s head moves independently from the body, letting it adjust to what he is looking at without moving his whole body. It has a gold-colored touch panel at the back to sense touch and a button that helps activate its attention. The green light on the button is an operating mode, and a blue light lets you know when the robot is listening once you say the Hey Vector trigger is spoken.

The robot also comes with a speaker and is programmed to synthesize hundreds of robotic sounds to respond and interact with you. It mostly communicates with boops, beeps and other additional robotic sounds. The amazing thing is that the robot’s speaker or microphone works pretty well, and you only speak to it once.

The robot’s camera can recognize objects, pets, and people. The camera will take pictures, but it will have a hard time recognizing people or objects in places with low light or in dim rooms. Even so, it has movable arms that allow it to interact with its cube and help it to even fist bump.

2. Performance

It’s more evidence that the Vector toy is more advanced than the Cozmo version. This means its performance is better than tha of the Cozmo. Like most gaming products combat unfair monetary systems, the Anki company does the same with its products.

The Vector can be able to recognize objects, faces and even voices. The fantastic thing is that it comprehends different dialects and shows its emotions via its front display. Also, it uses a smartphone processor with cloud connectivity that allows it to learn new things and answer questions. The other fascinating thing is Vector connecting with Alexa in the future.

Again the photos you take using the robot can be accessed via an app. In addition, the app has a utility section that allows you to browse through your photo library, and you can easily export them to your smart device.

3. Charging

The robot comes with a charging compartment where you can easily charge it. They have two connections that are aligned at the bottom of the Vector. The expected battery life of this robot is approximately six hours when they are fully charged. When the battery levels go low, the robot automatically goes to its base station, or you could tell it to go home.

The base station of the robot will come with a USB cable that will function perfectly to change it, but it does not come with an adapter. This means you will need to connect the robot to the USB or purchase an adapter separately.

When it goes to the base station or home, the robot will charge up until full or until you give it further instructions. Basically, it will take around 90 to 120 hours for the robot to charge completely. You must note that the robot will only charge when it is plugged in th main power source.

4. Setup

Setting up the Vector is pretty straightforward, and it only requires you to use a tablet or a smartphone for guidance. However, when you purchase the robot, you will need to download a Vector application from android to iOS.

Before setting it up, read and understand how to use the robot. Then ensure that the robot is fully charged when starting the setup process. When you have installed the application, you will need to create an account using your personal details. Then you will require to turn on your fully charged Vector and pair it with your smartphone via Bluetooth, and the firmware will automatically update. Finally, you will require connecting your device to your Wi-Fi network to see any updates.

Once your device has been set up and is ready to work, it will open its robot eyes and look at you. T start using it, and you can start by saying “Hey Vector,” just like you will do with google assistant. However, with this one, you will need to pause for a moment to process and take commands or answer your question. To know if the robot is well set up and is listening to you, it will have a blue light turned on when you are talking to it. Also, with having the blue light, you can hear a little jingle or chime.

Progressively you can start giving the robot small tasks like saying, “Hey Vector. Come Here”. If everything is set, the robot will move or come towards you. When it comes close, you could then ask whatever questions you want, like asking it what your name is. The robot will look at you and record your face and, in a short while, will give you your name.

When the robot has known and recorded your face, it will see you and jingle and greet you by name each it sees you. Most people found this helpful since you will not need to tell or remind the robot who you are.

The best part is you can get a dual personality, “Hey Vector ” gets you the Vector little robot voice. Alexa brings up Alexa’s voice and mode when Vector and Alexa are in the same body. So you could talk to the robot and get Vectors cute little robot voice or Alexa and all her abilities which is more of a novelty.

5. Vector App

The Vector toy comes with its own application. The Vector app is basically essential for setting up the robot and connecting it to your home WiFi. This application doe not do much but is essential for the setup process. You will only need to download the application on your iOS or Android phone and then set up the application.

Additionally, the Vector application will help record and store the important details of your robot. Some of the details recorded and stored in the application include the times you speak to the robot, sensory score, distance driven, days active, driven distance, frequently used utilities and petting period.

It would help if you remembered that this Anki robot is not an app-enabled robot-like other robot from this company. Therefore the Vector application will provide the direct methods to control ar remotely use the robot.

6. Interaction and Usability

The Vector is a compact yet small device that will interact perfectly with you and the environment around it. Most of the other robots available today will need you to program them for theorem tasks or even perform some tricks via apps for android or iOS. However, the Vector is the opposite and will respond to your voice, and you will only require to start your statements with “Hey Vector” each time you want to communicate with it.

This robot uses direct interactions with you personally. Apart from the application you need to download to set it up, you will not need any other pre-defined programming or control. Primarily it will respond to voice commands, touch or pet it. More so, the robot will recognize your face and be able to tell some information about you, like what your name is.

The best part is if you don’t want the robot, you behave like a toy robot, and you could ask it to familiarize itself with its environment and do some tricks. Additionally, the robot has the ability to play with the Vector cube that comes with it, and it can also flip, causing it to light up with different colors.

What’s more, the robot will respond if you call it and if you call it a good robot, it will chime happily and respond. If you ask it for a fist bump, it will respond by raising its arms. The eyes of this robot will react based on what they see. For example, they will give a friendly or curious expression using their eyes, which are synthesized with their voice in most cases. This makes the robot more fun to interact with.

Also, the head, arms, and treaded wheels move in a motional gesture, giving the robot a more lively appearance. This feature makes the robot appear more of a pet than a robot. For example, it can dance a little moving its arms, head and wheels separately whenever it is happy. You will enjoy playing with the robot, and you can find yourself staying into th night playing with Vector.

The robot will move and maneuver around with ease, even with areas that have obstacles. However, it would be best if you kept your cable or large bumps on its pathway to avoid it from being stumped. However, you should not worry much since the machinery and manufacturing are high quality.

7. Voice Capabilities

The Vector toy is not just a toy that is highly-priced. Instead, this robot is a voice assistant that will work similarly to an echo dot, a goggle home mini, or smart speakers. The advantage is that the robot has wheels and an expressive face. In addition, it features Alexa voice and mode that allows it to communicate perfectly compared to the Cozmo.

This Anki robot is packed with amazing functions like giving weather reports, working as a timer, taking photos, and playing fun games. To top it up, it has perfect voice capabilities, allowing you to communicate perfectly with the robot. It also comes with a microphone that works perfectly and picks up your voice perfectly.

The fantastic thing is that the microphone will be able to pick your voice even if you are two feet away, and the robot will look up at you each time you speak to it. You should not know that the robot might not respond to you unless you say “Hey Vector,” and ensure that the blue light indicator is on to make sure it is listening to you.

Additionally, you should not that need to say “Hey Vector, “then pause and ask the question, pause again to give the robot time to process your question. Then it will act just like other smart devices like Google Home or Amazon echo and answer you. The best part is that this product has been Reviewed in the United States on October, saying that it has perfect voice capabilities.

8. Value

The Anki Vector toy is available at a higher price, but it has more advanced features that make it worth investing in. Unlike other early versions, the Vector robot has an IPS display with two eyes that displays the behavior and emotions of the robot.

Moreover, the artificial intelligence that the robot comes with allows it to identify and recognize objects, pets and faces. This way, the robot can navigate perfectly without bumping into objects. It also has voice activation and Alexa compatibility, making it a perfect investment. Again you can shop in pounds sterling, and they will even provide shipping to United Kingdom.

What’s more, the robot has a customer review of 4.1 out of 5 stars making it worthwhile. This robot comes with a warranty that covers the robot. However, it is important to note that some customers complain that they asked if the warranty covers physical damage from falling, and they were told it does not.

What Can You Do With Your Vector Robot? 

Typically the Vector toy will work like other smart assistant devices. This robot is always on and ready to listen. Mostly it will stay idle until it gets instructions for the user. However, if you set up the robot and recognize you, it will get excited when it hears your voice or even recognizes your face.

This Vector toy will express the weather, play games like blackjack with you, take photos and even dance, making you happy. This Anki robot has a life-like behaviour, and it behaves more like a pet than a robot. Moreover, the robot can automatically return to its charger or charging base whenever it senses low power. 


Alexa support

It can detect objects and people

It has built-in touch sensors that help the robot respond if you touch or pet it.

Perfect gifts for kids above 3 years old

The robot can self-charge and automatically return to its charger when the low is low.

Comes with a warranty that covers damages and other defects

Friendly and adorable robot

Pays attention to sounds and it is able to recognize faces and objects

More self-sufficient robot while compared to other robots in the same category

Vector’s personality and emotions are more defined

Has new games and capabilities that are particularly fun

The robot can communicate perfectly

Great customer reviews

Vector can fist bump


Not compatible with Google Assistant

The camera does not work nicely in dim or low-light conditions.

No timeline on future updates

Specifications For the Anki Vector Robot

Quad-core Snapdragon processor720-pixel camera qualityFour microphone arrayWifi supportBluetooth connectivitySensors3.9 x 2.4 x 2.7 inches dimensionWeight;5.6 ounces

Final Verdict

We conclude that the Anki Vector Robot is a little toy that is always on, and it listens like other smart devices. The robot uses artificial intelligence and advanced technology to operate. The robot identifies faces, answers questions and also shows emotions. It also has Alexa compatibility, and it will make you laugh, take photos, play games, and express weather better than the ten top weather apps for android. 

The good thing is that the Anki company has provided add additional features like calendars, taking photos, and sending messages. Most people found this helpful and are looking forward to the upgrades.

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