AMD Ryzen 7945HX3D could be a fast, super-efficient choice for your new gaming laptop

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For a couple of years now, AMD has offered special versions of its desktop processors with an extra 64MB chunk of L3 cache included. This cache is layered on top of the existing CPU silicon, earning it the name “3D V-Cache,” and it has proven especially successful for accelerating cache-sensitive software like games.

Today, AMD is announcing the first 3D V-Cache processor for laptops, the Ryzen 9 7945HX3D. It’s a version of the regular 16-core Ryzen 9 7945HX with that same 64MB chunk of cache added in, giving it a total of 144MB of L3 cache.

The 7945HX is essentially a version of the desktop Ryzen 9 7950X repackaged for use in laptops instead of high-end desktops; while chips like the similarly named 7940HS use one monolithic silicon die for everything from the CPU cores to the chipset to the integrated GPU, the 7950HX uses a pair of 8-core CPU chiplets and a separate I/O die.

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