3 Best Gaming PC Build’s For Fortnite 2023

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Fortnite is the latest and hottest trend among the gamers of all kinds, be it super casual gamers or hardcore gamers. With millions and millions of active players, Fortnite is the hottest game of the year. Given the fact that the game requires quick reflexes, tactical manoeuvrability and rapid movements, a PC is the best place to play Fortnite as it optimally fulfils the above requirements.

Fortnite is a game most famous for it’s Battle Royale mode in which 100 players compete with each other until only one man is standing who is declared the winner. You start by landing into the map and looting the buildings for supplies and weapons. The play area, limited by the Eye of the Storm, continuously shrinks with each passing minute. Thus, effectively making sure that the players are not very far from each other. If I player is outside the play area, his/her health continues deteriorates until he/she finally dies. Over time, the developer Epic has also introduced several other modes such as “Save the World Campaign” which is essentially a player vs environment co-op game and the “50 vs 50 modes”.

The minimum Fortnite requirements are set rather low, thanks to its cartoony graphics, and hence it should be accessible to most of the people out there. In fact, you’ll have no problems at all even if you wish to play the game on a toaster or even on a potato if you try hard enough. Below are the minimum requirements to play Fortnite on PC.

Operating System:  Windows 7/8/10 64-bit or Mac OSX Sierra

Processor Core: i3 2.4 Ghz

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Video Card: Intel HD 4000

Unfortunately, the above-mentioned specs will not yield the optimum frame rate and graphics performance; an important factor to consider if you’re aiming for the grand “Battle Royale” title. So let’s take a look at the recommended PC specs for Fortnite.

Fortnite Recommended Operating Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit

Processor Core: i5 2.8 Ghz

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Video Card: Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 equivalent DX11 GPU

Video Memory: 2 GB VRAM

This guide will help you to build not one or two but three of the Best Gaming PC Builds For Fortnite. One of the PC builds will be suitable for those on a budget yet look forward to playing the game on reasonable settings, the second for those who want to smoothly run the game at high settings and the third for those who want to go absolutely bonkers with the game and have no limitation of the budget.

The Budget Fortnite Build

Intel Core i3 8th generation – $125

Nvidia GT 710 – $40

4GB DDR4 RAM–  $40

Motherboard – $100

1 TB HDD – $45

550 Watt PSU – $50

Cabinet–  $25

Total- $425 

(All prices accurate as of October 26th 2018. Prices fluctuate daily)

The Optimal Fortnite Build

Intel Core i5 8th generation – $250

Nvidia GTX 1070 – $380

8GB DDR4 RAM – $70

Motherboard – $100

1 TB HDD – $45

500 GB SSD – $100

550 Watt PSU – $50

Cabinet – $25

Total – $1020

(All prices accurate as of October 26th 2018. Prices fluctuate daily.)

The “Beast” Fortnite Build

Intel Core i7 8th Generation – $380

Nvidia GTX 1080 – $700

2*8GB DDR4 RAM – $140

Motherboard – $100

1 TB HDD – $45

500 GB SSD – $100

750 Watt PSU – $80

Cabinet – $25

Total – $1570

(All prices accurate as of October 26th 2018. Prices fluctuate daily.)

The Recommended Processors for Fornite

The Intel Core i3 8th generation would be more than sufficient to run the game on 1080p or even 1440p with 60+ FPS. Priced around $125, it is an excellent option for those players who are on a tight budget yet look forward to playing the game at reasonable settings.

However, if you’re looking forward to playing the game at 60+ FPS or more, greater processing power is recommended. An Intel i5 8th generation, paired with other suitable components, should be able to do the job of running the game at high framerates and resolution. It costs about $250.

If you’re looking forward to playing the game at 4k 120+ FPS, then an 8th gen i7 is what you need. You’ll have no problem by toggling all the setting to their highest and still not use the CPU at its full capacity. However, it will cost you around $380

The Recommended GPUs for Fornite

The GPU is the most important part of a gaming PC as it will determine the performance of the game. It’s what makes or breaks the experience of the “PC Master Race”. Unfortunately, it is one of the most expensive parts of a gaming PC.

The minimum requirements state that Intel HD 4000, which is an integrated graphics card, is suffice. However, a Nvidia GT 710, which is well above the recommended requirements, would be a great fit for Fortnite. It’s great for those who’re on a budget as it cost just around $40.

Unfortunately, a $40 graphics card cannot handle a game at 4K resolution. You’ll have to open up your pockets for a Nvidia GTX 1070 to play Fortnite on 4K graphics. It can set you back about $380.

Although a GTX 1070 is capable of playing the game at 4K resolution, an upgrade to 1080 wouldn’t hurt at all. You’ll have plenty of GPU capacity idle, in case you wish to run Crysis along with Fortnite. You shouldn’t care about the price if you’re opting for a beast build PC but it is my duty to inform you that the GTX 1080 costs $700

RAM Recommendations for Fortnite

Fortnite is a Ram friendly game. Even if you’re playing with 4GB of ram and drop the setting down to the minimum, then you’ll notice that RAM usage drops significantly. You can nag a 4GB DDR4 ram under $40 and you’ll never experience lag while playing Fortnite.

Upgrading to an 8 GB ram would be a beneficial and logical recommendation since it could increase the performance of your PC in aspects other than Fortnite and it won’t cost you much either. An 8GB DDR4 ram should not cost you more than $70.

A beast PC build without at least 16 GB of ram would be a shame to its name. Two 8 GB sticks of DDR4 ram should be enough and they’ll cost you no more than $140.

The above three components were the most crucial and integral parts of the Best Gaming PC build for Fortnite. In other words, the CPU, GPU and ram were the real factors that set apart a budget from that of a high-end PC. From this point onwards, the parts mentioned in the guide to build the best gaming PC for Fortnite can be used monogamously in both the budget as well as the optimal build.

The Recommended Motherboard for Fortnite

The purpose of a motherboard is to hold all the other components in place. Before opting for a motherboard, you should always confirm that it supports the components such as CPU, GPU, ram, etc. The Gigabyte Z370M DS3H is a motherboard that will support all the components from both of the above builds comfortably and it costs just $100 so that your budget is not disrupted.

The Recommended HDD

The HDD serves as your permanent memory. The game files and the progress will be saved in the HDD. A 1TB HDD from Western Digital will cost you just about $45.

Another memory unit is the Solid State Drive or the SSD. The SSD is an optional component but will greatly enhance the loading times as it is quick. A 500 GB SSD from Samsung will set you back about $100. The SSD is not recommended if you’re looking forward to a budget build as it heaps up the cost.

The Recommended Power Supply Unit

The last component you need to get you Fornite ready gaming PC up and running is the Power Supply Unit or the PSU. It fulfils the power requirements of all the components used in the build. A Corsair CX Series 550 Watt will be more than sufficient to fulfil the power requirements of both the budget as well as the optimal build. It costs about $50.

The GTX 1080 is hungry for power and will require a greater Power Supply Unit. A 750 Watt Power Supply Unit, which will cost you around $80, should be enough to satisfy the needs of your GPU.

The Recommended Case

The last thing you need to complete your gaming PC and assemble all the parts is a cabinet. The price of a cabinet can go as low as $25 or as high $1000 and even more. The choice of the cabinet completely boils down to you and your personal style as that essentially the ‘PC’ you’ll look at every day. There are so many styles and varieties available, each with their respective pros and cons that it is tough to recommend a cabinet. So what I will recommend you instead is go out in the market and check out the cabinets. If you’re on a tight budget, you can even purchase a second-hand cabinet or recycle your old PC’s cabinet as it will cut down on major expenses without actually affecting the performance.

Another important factor which may add to the total cost of your preferred build is the OS. Windows is the recommended OS for a gaming PC. Windows 10 Home will cost you around $100 while Windows 10 Pro can go up to $200.

Choosing The Graphics Settings For Fortnite on PC

When you’ll first boot up Fortnite, the game will automatically choose a graphics preset for you based on your PC’s specifications. The graphics preset in Fortnite are:

 LowMediumHighAnd Epic

The budget build featured in this guide will let you run the game on smoothly on low or a bit laggy with less than 60 FPS on medium. The optimal build will let you run the game on game on smoothly on high or a bit laggy with less than 60 FPS on epic.

The epic build will have no problems with running the game on epic preset with 100+ FPS and yet have enough potential to run a game of Crysis in the background.

Apart from these presets, you can manually hinder with the graphics settings of the game. For example, you may lower the shadow quality or even turn off the shadows to improve the view distance. The situation illustrated in the above example may not appeal visually, but it definitely lends a helping hand on your way to ‘Victory Royale’ as View Distance helps you to identify the enemies more easily. Another thing you may change is decreasing the textures in order to turn on Anti-Aliasing.

Other Factors that affect the Graphic and overall Performance of the Game.


Anti-Aliasing is a subtle change that cannot be noticed in objects that are closer to the camera. However (with Anti-Aliasing turned off), the details of the far-off objects are jagged. This is one of the greater benefits of the cartoon-style graphics, as finer detail like smooth edges is not always noticed, especially when playing at high resolutions.


The ‘textures’ option encompasses pretty much every major texture in the game. However, thanks to the cartoon art style, many of us may not even see the overall differences between Low and Epic at 1080p. Where you do start to notice this is in 1440p and 4K gameplay, so consider leaving this on Epic for a good experience if you’re playing at those resolutions.

Post Processing

Post Processing makes everything look that little bit prettier. This is another one of those visual tweaks in Fortnite which you don’t notice too much at 1080p, but which you will notice a lot more at 1440p and 4K.


Finally, the grass setting. Do you want it or not? It all boils down to you. That’s what you’re picking here. It doesn’t affect the gameplay or your chances of winning but it looks pleasant to the eye. This doesn’t impact any set environment (like trees and bushes) but it does impact frame rate. A lot of players tend to turn off the grass in the Battle Royale mode to better spot the enemies who might be “hiding in the grass” if that makes sense.

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